Tachograph Shtrih-TahoRUS

Vendor: Shtrih-m.

Shtrih-TahoRUS is a first certified digital tachograph, which is designed to control and register vehicle speed, distance, together with the driver's activity selected from a choice of modes.

УThe improved Shtrih-TahoRUS device meets high global quality standards and has already earned loyalty among major fleet companies.

Company product range is represented by 4 tachograph models, which differ in functionality and some other features such as availability of GPRS-modem, which allow fleet companies to use tachograph not only to control driver’s activity but also as a navigation and communications terminal for remote fleet tracking.

Shtrih-TahoRUS tachograph is fully compatible with Wialon.

Compatible devices supported in Wialon:

Image Name Port Vendor Category
GALILEOSKY v 5.0 20268 GalileoSky Vehicle
3 Navtelecom Signal S-2550
Navtelecom Signal S-2550
20871 Navtelecom
4 Navtelecom Signal S-2551 Navtelecom Signal S-2551
20740 Navtelecom
5 Navtelecom SMART Navtelecom SMART 20966 Navtelecom Vehicle

ADM-series 20701
Neomatika Vehicle
5 umka302 UMKa302 21946 GLONASSsoft Vehicle trackers

Shtrih-TahoRUSTachograph Key Benefits:

  • on-line tracking:
    control of motion parameters and vehicle location in real-time mode. Fleet tracking service is available in basic package with GPRS-modem and doesn’t require extra payments and extra device installation. It’s compatible with nearly any software solutions;
  • remote data download:
    according to AETR standards, fleet companies are to provide tachograph records every 28 days. Shtrih-TahoRUS tachograph provides an opportunity to send the report remotely using GPRS channel. Therefore drivers will have no need to visit fleet park and provide their cards every 28 days;
  • opportunity to connect additional sensors:
    shtrih-TahoRUS tachograph has a range of additional interfaces, which allow connecting any third sensors, for instance speeding, fuel, temperature and pressure sensors. Additional interfaces: RS-485 – 1, K-line – 2, CAN ‒ 2, RS-232 – 1, and 2 analog inputs;
  • voice and SMS communication with drivers:
    Shtrih-TahoRUS tachograph supplied with GPRS modem provides an operator with the opportunity to communicate with a driver by SMS or voice calls if additional hardware is connected;
  • tachograph data has legal force:
    Shtrih-TahoRUS tachograph data is transmitted using encryption protection module which makes data falsification impossible;
  • great service network:
    more than 550 partner workshops and 160 service centers. Fast Shtrih-TahoRUS tachograph repair ‒ min 15 min, max 8 hours;
  • security:
    unique technology of hiccup protection protects the power supply from being damaged during an over-current fault condition and voltage jumps up to 200 V.

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