Teltonika DSM

Vendor of DSM is Teltonika.

Driver Safety and Monitoring solution – FMC640 and DSM camera to avoid accidents with visual monitoring functionality.


  • Photo - request a photo from DSM, or set periodical image sending to the server;
  • Drowsiness - when the driver closes his/her eyes for a certain period ;
  • Distraction - when the driver looks outside of the warning range below;
  • Yawning - when the driver yawns for 3 seconds twice within 1 minute;
  • Smoking - when the driver smokes for a certain period;
  • Phone use - when the driver talks over the phone for a certain period (Every 30 seconds);
  • Seat belt - when the driver doesn’t fasten the seat belt over 10 km/h;
  • Driver ID - detect driver face (store max 200 IDs);

With up to 128 GB data storage, extensive videos are available to have full information what has happened before, during and after the events you are interested in. Get the requested photo or set periodic image sending to the server to track and analyse events in real time as well as monitor visual data, such as pictures of events.


  • LED indication - Indicator (LED) Red/Green dual LED, Operating status;
  • USB - USB Type-C for calibration via PC;
  • Photo - request a photo from DSM, or set periodical image sending to the server;
  • CAN - CAN 2.0 (option for DSM to detect speed from CAN line);
  • RS232 - Indicator TX/RX (for communication with FMX640 devices);

Supported hardware devices:

Teltonika FMC640

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