VW-4S1 Series

VW-4S1 Series
Fabricante: VUEWO
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Características VW-4S1 Series:
  • 4G/LTE
  • Caja negra

Para que el sistema de rastreo Wialon identifique los datos de VW-4S1 Series en el diálogo de configuración de la unidad, indique los siguientes datos :

Tipo de dispositivo: VW-4S1 Series
ID único: custom

Indique los siguientes parámetros en el programa de configuración o en la configuración VW-4S1 Series para utilizarlos en Wialon Hosting :

Puerto del servidor: 22325

En el centro de servicio Wialon se utilizan 3 unidades VW-4S1 Series — es 0.01% de la cantidad total de dispositivos Video monitoring conectados.

La gráfica representa la cantidad de conexiones en el centro de servicio Wialon en los últimos 30 días:

Nombre del parámetro Descripción Unidades de medida

Parameter value




Alarm flag (Bits1-32):

Bit1: 1: Emergency alarm, trigger after triggering alarm switch

Bit2: 1: Over speed alarm

Bit3: 1: Driving alarm malfunction

Bit4: 1: Risk warning

Bit5: 1: GNSS module malfunction

Bit6: 1: GNSS antenna was notconnected or cut

Bit7: 1: GNSS antenna short circuited

Bit8: 1: The terminal main power undervoltage

Bit9: 1: The terminal main power is turned off

Bit10: 1: Terminal LCD or displaymalfunction

Bit11: 1: TTS module malfunction

Bit12: 1: Camera malfunction

Bit13: 1: Road transportcertificate IC card module malfunction

Bit14: 1: Over speed warning

Bit15: 1: Fatigue driving warning

Bit16-Bit18: Reserve

Bit19: 1: The accumulated overspeed driving time of the day

Bit20: 1: Timeout parking

Bit21: 1: Enter and exit the area

Bit22: 1: Enter and exit the route

Bit23: 1: The driving time of theroute is not enough/too long

Bit24: 1: Off track alarm

Bit25: 1: Vehicle VSS malfunction

Bit26: 1: Abnormal fuel capacityof vehicle

Bit27: 1: The vehicle is stolen(through vehicle burglar alarm)

Bit28: 1: Illegal ignition of vehicle

Bit29: 1: Illegal displacement ofvehicle

Bit30: 1: Collision warning

Bit31: 1: Rollover warning

Bit32: 1: Illegal open doorsalarm (when the terminal not set up, it’s not judged illegal open doors)


Status (Bits 1-32):

Bit1: 0: ACC off; 1: ACC on

Bit2: 0: Not positioning; 1: Positioning

Bit3: 0: North latitude; 1: South latitude

Bit4: 0: East longitude; 1: West longitude

Bit5: 0: Running status; 1: Stop running status

Bit6: 0: Latitude and longitude are not encrypted by secret plug-ins; 1:

Latitude and longitude are encrypted by secret plug-ins

Bit7-Bit8: Reserve

Bit9-Bit10: 00: Empty load; 01: Half load; 02: Reserve; 3: Full load

(It can be used for empty/heavy passenger car and empty/full load

status of the truck, manual input or sensor acquisition)

Bit11: 0: Vehicle oil line is normal; 1: Vehicle oil line disconnect

Bit12: 0: Vehicle circuit is normal; 1: Vehicle circuit disconnect

Bit13: 0: Vehicle door unlocked; 1: Vehicle door locked

Bit14: 0: Door 1 close; 1: Door 1 open (front door)

Bit15: 0: Door 2 close; 1: Door 2 open (middle door)

Bit16: 0: Door 3 close; 1: Door 3 open (back door)

Bit17: 0: Door 4 close; 1: Door 4 open (door of driver’s seat)

Bit18: 0: Door 5 close; 1: Door 5 open (user-defined)

Bit19: 0: No GPS positioning; 1: GPS positioning

Bit20: 0: No Beidou positioning; 1: Beidou positioning

Bit21: 0: No GLONASS positioning; 1: GLONASS positioning

Bit22: 0: No Galileo positioning; 1: Galileo positioning

Bit23-32: Reserve




Fuel volume


Speed driving rec


Alarm event ID


Overspeed alarm


Position type


Section ID


Route alarm




Driving time alarm


Driving time


Driving results


Video alarm


Video signal loss alarm


Video signal block alarm


Memory fault alarm


Abnormal driving alarm


Veh. signal status


User mesage


Alarm type if info_id = 0x64:

0x01: Forward collision warning

0x02: Lane departure warning

0x03: Overly close vehicle warning

0x04: Pedestrian collision warning

0x05: Frequent lane change warning

0x06: Exceeding road sign warning

0x07: Obstacle warning

0x08: Driver Assist Function Failure Warning

0x09~0x0F: User customization

0x10: Road sign identification event

0x11: Active capture event

0x12~0xFF: User customization

Alarm type if info_id = 0x65:

0x01: Fatigue driving warning

0x02: Calling on hand-held mobile phone warning.

0x03: Smoking warning

0x04: Long time without looking ahead warning.

0x05: No driver detected warning.

0x06: Both hands leave steering wheel warning

0x07: Driver behavior monitoring function failure warning

0x08~0x0F: User customization

0x10: Automatic capture event

0x11: Driver change event

0x12~0xFF: User customization

Alarm type if info_id = 0x70:

0x01: Sharp acceleration warning

0x02: Sharp deceleration warning

0x03: Sharp turn warning

0x04: Idle speed warning

0x05: Abnormal flameout warning

0x06: Neutral taxi warning

0x07: Engine overrunning warning

0x12~0xFF: User customization


Vehicle status, the same as state_flag


Additional information ID

  1. 0x64 - driving assist warning information
  2. 0x65 - driver behavior monitoring function warning information
  3. 0x70 - violent driving warning information
  4. 0x14 - Video-related alarm
  5. 0x15 - Video signal loss alarm
  6. 0x16 - Video signal blockage alarm
  7. 0x17 - Memory fault alarm
  8. 0x18 -Driving behavior alarm


Alarm time threshold


Warning threshold 1

When alm_type is 0x01~0x03, this bit is warning gravity acceleration threshold in 1/100g; when alm_type is 0x04~0x07, this bit is warning speed threshold in km/h.


Warning threshold 2

This bit is reserved when alm_type is 0x01~0x03; when alm_type is 0x04~0x07, this bit is warning engine speed threshold in RPM.



0x01: normal work

0x02: standby mode

0x03: Upgrade maintenance

0x04: Device is abnormal

0x10: Disconnect


Alarm status, bits(1-32)

Bitwise setting: 0 means no, 1 means yes

bit1: cameraabnormal

bit2: Main memory exception

bit3: Auxiliary memory exception

bit4: Infrared fill light is abnormal

bit5: abnormal speaker

bit6: Abnormal battery


bit11: Communication module error

bit12: The positioning module is abnormal



Warning level:

  • 0x01: Level 1 warning
  • 0x02: Level 2 warning


According to the warning sequence, starting from 0 and accumulates circularly, without distinguishing warning types.


Sign status.

  • 0x00: Not available
  • 0x01: Start sign
  • 0x02: End sign

This field is only applicable to warnings or events with start and end sign types.


Leading vehicle speed. Range: 0~250, valid only when warning types are 0x01 and 0x02, and fill in 0x00 when not available.


Leading car/pedestrian distance


Deviation type:

  1. 0x01: Left deviation
  2. 0x02: Right deviation
  3. Only valid when warning type is 0x02, fill in 0x00 when unavailable.


Road sign type

  • 0x01: Speed limit sign
  • 0x02: Height limit sign
  • 0x03: Weight limit sign
  • Only valid when warning types are 0x06 and 0x10; fill in 0x00 when not available.


Road sign data. Data identified on road signs, fill in 0x00 when unavailable.

fat_deg Fatigue degree. Range 1~10. The larger the value, the more severe the fatigue. Only valid when warning type is 0x01, fill in 0x00 when unavailable.

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