Cargo weighing system TS Sensor SVG-2.1

TS Sensor SVG-2.1 manufacturer – TS Sensor.

This modification is intended to determine the loading vehicle with an accuracy of better than 7%. The system consists of two or more clearance sensors and control unit. The sensors are mounted on the frame on each vehicle axle to reduce measurement error sensors are located near each wheel. The distance between the frame and axle or between the frame and springs. Information from each sensor (clearance function) is passed to the control unit, where the data is analyzed and processed. At the output of the control unit are formed corresponding to the output. Connecting the GLONASS / GPS navigation terminals and monitor upload by one of the output of the control unit.

TS Sensor Specifications:

Cargo weighing system TS Sensor SVG-2.1
  • Number sensors of clearance, up to 16 pcs
  • Control unit, 1 pcs
  • Drawdown measuring range, 500 mm
  • Drawdown measurement error, better than 1 mm
  • Cargo weight measurement error, better than 7%
  • Power supply, 9 ... 36 V
  • Overvoltage protection up to, 85 V
  • Sleep consumption, <1 mA
  • Current consumption, <50 mA
  • Temperature measurement, -50 ... +85°C
  • Protection degree, IP 67
  • RS485 output, 1
  • RS232 output, optional
  • CAN output, optional
  • ADC output (0 ... 10 V), 1
  • Selfdiagnosis, yes
  • Setup using RS485 port, yes
  • Parallel connection of similar sensors, yes

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