Differential Fuel flowmeter DFM D/ECO

Vendor of Differential Fuel flowmeter DFM D/ECO is Aquametro Oil & Marine AG.

CAN reader

Features of the DFM-D/ECO System

  • System for differential measurement
  • Applicable for trucks, busses, construction vehicles, agricultural machines, locomotives and river ships
  • Hall sensor or Reed pulse output
  • Measuring range from 10 l/h up to 600 l/h
  • Rough design, vibration tested, IP 66
  • Accuracy ±1 % per flow meter side
  • Temperature range -40 … + 125°C
  • Connections M 14x 1.5
  • Meter chamber material: brass

Sold from 1990 … 2006 under Brand name EDM 1404. Since 2006: DFM 8. The reference for differential fuel metering with compact design. 1st differential meter on the market worldwide (since 1990!)

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