EYE Beacon

Vendor of EYE Beacon is Teltonika.

Discover the certified Bluetooth Low Energy ID beacon model from Teltonika with robust waterproof casing and a long-lifetime battery.

Perfect for traceability use cases, delivery tracking, monitoring of various movable objects in logistics (trailers, containers), agriculture (tractor attachments), and constructions (tools and inventory). Also, it suitable for indoor tracking solutions for items tracking in warehouses, hospitals, transport hubs and other types of industrial areas.

EYE Beacon Specifications:

Fuel Level Sensor Epsilon ES4, ES2
  • Lifetime: Up to 10 years;
  • Supported protocols: iBeacon, Eddystone;
  • Mounting options: device has two mounting points for easy and reliable mounting;
  • Dimensions: 56,6 mm x 38 mm x 13 mm;
  • Easy configuration via Bluetooth.

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