Fuel flowmeter Eurosens Direct

Vendor of Fuel flowmeter Eurosens Direct is Mechatronics.

Fuel flowmeter Eurosens Direct

Eurosens Direct fuel flow meters are designed to measure fuel consumption of diesel engines or other consumers in the range from 1 to 1500 liters per hour. Direct flowmeters have a wide range of modifications, (100, 250, 500, 1500 liters per hour), can have built-in display and different output interfaces. There are versions with threaded and flange connections.


Eurosens Direct fuel consumption meters are made of hard aluminum alloy of increased hardness with antifriction coating. Temperature sensor is integrated into measurement chamber for enhanced precision.

Eurosens Direct flowmeters have a warranty period of 3 years without limiting the fuel volume, are certified according to UNECE Regulation No. 10 (E-mark).

Technical data

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