Fuel level sensor Italon

Vendor of fuel level sensor Italon — Italon.

The advantages of fuel level sensor Italon:

  • standard sensor length 1000 mm, whereas all the others — 700 mm
  • no visible fasteners for added protection against sabotage
  • the sensor is supplied with filling kit (most manufacturers it is sold separately)
  • connector and seat sensor compatible with Omnicomm
  • sensor connector and pressure seal are sealed to increase protection against fuel and moisture
  • completeness: FLS, route (7m), mounting set (screws, gasket, block/guard, protective cap), sealing set
  • 5-year warranty
  • Main technical characteristics of FLS:

    • Type of output signal: Analogue or frequency
    • The output range of the analog output (0 to 20V):
      1. lower limit is adjustable from 0 to 15V
      2. the upper limit is adjustable from 5 to 20V
    • The interface exchanges digital data with an external device: RS-485
    • The measuring range of the level digital interface:from 0 to 4095
    • The voltage source of DC power: from 7 to 40 In
    • Operating temperature range, °C: from minus 40 to plus 80
    • Relative reduced measurement error, not more than 1%
    • Power consumption:
      1. typical value (analog-frequency output not used supply voltage 12 to 30 V): 0,55 W
      2. maximum, no more than: 0,9 W
    • The minimum allowable bending radius of gofroshlanga FLS (internal): 40 mm

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