MDSM-7: Driver Fatigue Monitoring Camera

Vendor of MDSM-7 is Movon.



It detects distraction, drowsiness, Yawning, phone use and smoking situation and give audio warning to a driver to prevent accident. Plus, it provide unique face ID functions.

Driver Face ID

Driver Face ID Detection is a unique solution to check the ID of the driver at real time. Based on our face recognition algorithm, we compare the driver’s face with the data base saved at MDSM-7 and recognize the driver’s Face ID automatically.

Integration with FMS system

You can also integrate driver monitoring data to your FMS system. You can check the driver status through your FMS Service and use this data to reduce accident and improve the driver behavior. It will transmit the live video to a video telematics device. You can deliver to your server to check live video.

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