Sensor DO-14.0

The manufacturer of Sensor DO-14.0 is LLC MicroSensor.

Sensor DO-14.0 is designed to convert the angle of rotation of the output shaft of the meters of the volume of liquid meters DD-25 / 1.6 (LLC PFK Priborkomplekt) into electrical impulses (signals). The external device pulses are transmitted through a single pulse channel.

umka a100


  • DC voltage: 9 to 29 V
  • Current consumption: not more than 15 mA
  • Number of pulse outputs: one
  • Pulse output type: open collector
  • Maximum flowing current pulse output: 40 mA
  • Power consumption: not more than 0.3 W
  • Degree of protection: IP67
  • Overall size of the product: 58x14x22 mm
  • Product weight: no more than 40 gr.

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