Ultrasonic Fuel Level Sensor

Vendor of Ultrasonic Fuel Level Sensor is TENET.

Advantages: Best design to detect fuel tank/truck fuel level without drawing holes. Same accuracy as capacitive fuel sensor.

Application: M2M Devices, GPS Tracker, Mobile DVR.


Ultrasonic Fuel Level Sensor

  • No Drawings/Breaking in tank, Easy Installation
  • Serial port Output: RS232(default)/RS485
  • Analogue Output: 0~5V(default) (Model UL202 Only)
  • Baud Rates: Default 9600 or Customized
  • Measuring Range: 1m(default) or 2m
  • Material: Any liquid, Diesel or Gasoline
  • Resolution: 1~2 mm
  • Lowest Liquid Level Detection:5cm
  • Max. Tank thickness: 8 mm
  • Max. Length of sensors cable: 15 meters
  • Power supply: 5~36V DC
  • IP67
  • Support Brands: Calamp, Atrack, Wireless Link, Queclink, Meitrack, etc

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