Wireless temperature sensor Eurosens DTS RF

Vendor of Wireless temperature sensor Eurosens DTS RF is Mechatronics.

Consists from transmitter and receiver devices. The transmitter can be installed inside a refrigerator truck with magnet or bayonet mount. The receiver can handle several transmitters and send data to RS485 interface. The radio module operates at a frequency of 433 MHz and provides an increased communication range. The transmission distance within direct visibility is 150 meters.

Transmitter – Technical data:

Wireless temperature sensor Eurosens DTS RF

  • Power source element 1xER14505
  • Battery operation time 1 year
  • Temperature range, °C -40…+85
  • Dimensions, mm 80x90x60
  • Weight, g 150

Receiver – Technical data:

  • Supply voltage, V 5-305
  • Max current consumption, mA 25
  • Temperature range, °C -40…+85
  • Interface RS485
  • Number of transmitters 2
  • Dimensions, mm 100x90x60
  • Weight, g 200

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