AERO ID: Identification Bluetooth Low Energy beacon

Vendor of Blue AERO ID — ELA Innovation.

The AERO ID, which is equipped with Bluetooth Low Energy technology, is the ideal beacon for identifying and inventorying tiny items such as hand tools. This beacon is small, self-contained, sturdy, and waterproof, and it adapts to a variety of conditions while maintaining a broadcast range of up to 200 meters.

Technical features:

  • Autonomy: up to 5 years
  • Large transmission range: up to 200m (open field)
  • Compatible: ID (ELA), iBeacon (Apple) and Eddystone (Google)
  • Easy configuration via NFC
  • PICK TO LIGHT function – Built-in high brightness LED
  • Robust DELRIN housing (POM C) – Food grade
  • Protection class IP68
  • Temperature range: -30°C to +70°C
  • Over-the-air update (OTAP)

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