Angle sensor Escort-DU-180

Vendor of Escort-DU-180 is – Escort.

Angle sensor "Escort-DU-180" designed to measure tilt angles concerning the horizontal plane, in systems monitoring and control moving and stationary objects (including a satellite monitoring system). In particular, it can be used to count the number of containers collected by garbage trucks, the number climbs excavator bucket, jib crane, dump snow machines, etc. The sensor is located in a metal housing with mounting holes. Angle sensor converts the change in the angle of inclination relative to the horizontal axis, in digital or analog signal. Depending on the selected mode, transmits the current value of the angle of the RS-485, in the form of the frequency switching signal or dry contact output.

Escort-DU-180 Specification

Angle sensor Escort-DU-180
  • Measurement axises 3
  • Measurement range, grad 0…180
  • Supply voltage, V 10….36
  • Current consumption, >8ma
  • Protection degree IP67
  • Working temperature,°С -40….+85
  • Thermal nonlinearity, %/°C ±0.1
  • Precission, grad ±1
  • Output signal type:
    1. Analog: dry contact
    2. Digital: RS485
    3. Frequency: 300-480Hz

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