Cargo weighing system TS Sensor SVG-2.0

TS Sensor SVG-2.0 manufacturer – TS Sensor.

Cargo weighing system allows you to measure the weight of the cargo in the vehicle body by measuring indirect parameters. Depending on the modification, variation of the distance measurement is performed clearance and pressure in the air suspension system of the vehicle. The system can automatically determine the number and quality of the sensors. Depending on the configuration of the vehicle (number of axles, suspension type, the presence of a trailer or semitrailer) is evaluated weight change.

Cargo weighing system TS Sensor SVG-2.0 Specifications

Cargo weighing system TS Sensor SVG-2.0
  • Drawdown measuring range, up to 500 мм
  • Drawdown measurement error, better than 1 mm
  • Cargo weight measurement error, better than12%
  • Power supply, 9 ... 36 V
  • Overvoltage protection, up to 85 V
  • Sleep consumption, <1 mA
  • Current comsumption, < 1mA
  • Temperature measurement, -50 ... +85°C
  • Protection degree, IP 67
  • RS485 output, 1
  • RS232 output, optional
  • CAN output, optional
  • ADC output (0 ... 10 V), 1
  • Selfdiagnosis, yes
  • Setup using RS485 port, yes
  • Parallel connection of similar sensors, no

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