Vendor of ECAN02 is Teltonika.

ECAN02 is contactless adapter used to read vehicle CAN Bus data. It reads can-bus data through the isolation of wires without damaging them and forwards signals to the tracking device.

ECAN02 Features:

  • ECAN02 collects vehicle data from CAN bus without damaging the wires;
  • Powered from on-board power source;
  • Reads the signals through the isolation of CAN bus wires;
  • Easy to install and operate;
  • CAN-BUS speeds from 33 to 1000 kb/s;
  • Automatically adjusts signal level and speed;

Supported hardware devices:

Teltonika LV-CAN200, ALL-CAN300, FMX640, FMB641, FMX650, FMB140, FMB240, FMX150

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