Passenger Counter Sensor "PP-01"

Passenger Counter Sensor PP-01

Manufacturer — TS Automatica

The passenger counter sensor "PP-01" provides the possibility to count passengers getting either on or off public transport (bus, trolleybus, etc.).

Brief Description of "PP-01"

This sensor is designed to monitor the passenger traffic. The optimal distance to the object is from 10 to 50 cm.

The sensor is installed above the entrance into the vehicle with the transparent window down-directed and is connected with the tracker by means of the bus RS485.

Technical data

  • Power supply: 12 — 36V;
  • Consumption: not more than 40 mA;
  • Optimal distance to the detected object: 10 — 50 cm;
  • Dimensions (excluding protrusions): 52х50х35 mm or 64х58х35 mm;
  • Protection: IP-65 (dust and moisture protection);
  • Output: RS485 (19200);
  • Sensor's maximum value: 65535;
  • Weight: not more than 100 g.

For more detailed information please visit the manufacture's site.

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