Sensor DO-10.A

The manufacturer of Sensor DO-10.A is LLC MicroSensor.

Sensor DO-10.A is designed to convert the angle of rotation of the shaft of the volume meter of the PPO-25 / 1.6 and PPO-40 / 0.6 liquid meter (manufactured by Prompribor OJSC) into electrical pulses (signals). The transmission of pulses is carried out through two independent pulse channels. In the sensor, the mode of "determining the direction of rotation" is implemented.

The product is intended to work in the hazardous area, and has an explosion protection marking of 2Ex mc IIC T6 Gc.

umka a100


  • DC voltage: 6 to 45 V
  • Current consumption: not more than 40 mA
  • Number of pulse outputs: two
  • Pulse output type: open collector
  • Maximum flowing current pulse output: 40 mA
  • Power consumption: not more than 0.4 W
  • Operating temperature range: from - 40 to +60 ˚C
  • Degree of protection: IP67
  • Overall size of the product: 72х41х14 mm
  • Product weight: no more than 80 gr.

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