Fuel level sensor TS Sensor UZI-0.8

TS Sensor UZI-0.8 Manufacturer – TS Sensor.

The device is designed to measure the fuel level in the tank to monitor fuel consumption. The basic measuring element is a transducer with built-in temperature sensor, mounted directly on the outer (bottom) surface of the fuel tank. Data obtained from the source, stored and processed in the control unit. The device allows to measure the level of diesel, gasoline fuel, and liquid media, depending on the software control unit.

TS Sensor UZI-0.8 Specifications

Fuel level sensor TS Sensor UZI-0.8
  • Power supply, 9 ... 36 V
  • Overvoltage protection, up to 85 V
  • Fuel measurement range , 18...800 mm (up to 1000mm optional)
  • Max bottom fatness, 4mm
  • Output current, max 10 mA
  • Current consumption, max 80 mA
  • ADC output(0 ... 1024), 0,3...9,7 V
  • Frequence output (U=10V), 500...1500 Hz
  • RS485 output, 1 pcs
  • RS485/232 output, 1/1 pcs
  • Level measurement error in static mode, <0.5%
  • Level measurement error in dynamic mode, <3.0%
  • Temperature meausrement error, <3.0%
  • Protection degree, IP67
  • Operating temperature, -40... +80C
  • Internal Flash, 2 Mb (30 days, 1 record per 30 sec)
  • Galvanically isolated power supply, yes
  • Galvanically isolated outputs, yes

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