Uninterruptible power supply for monitoring "UBP ST"

The manufacturer of uninterruptible power supply for monitoring "UBP ST" is GLONASSsoft.

umka a100

UBP ST is designed to provide monitoring of objects with unstable power supply or its complete absence. The device guarantees up to three days of full-time operation without recharging.

UBP ST is a closed plastic structure, on a metal chassis, through which it is attached to the board of the vehicle or on other monitoring object. Inside the structure there is a reinforced battery, a subscriber terminal of a suitable size (for example, UMKa301) and a control panel.

The device can be simultaneously connected to three fuel level sensors. This design ensures reliable operation of the subscriber terminal and fuel sensors even when power failure and in the aggressive operating conditions.

Technical characteristics

Characteristics Value
Voltage of the power supply on-board network, V 8…40

Constant output voltage, V

- when operating from an on-board network:

- in autonomic mode (when discharging a battery):


Battery charge voltage, V 13,5…14,2
Max consumption current (at a voltage of 13±0,7 V), mA 15

Load current, A

- nominal:

- max (at an onboard power supply voltage 12…40 V):


Max battery charge current, A 1
Ingress Protection Rating IP65
Operating temperature, °С -10…+50
Storage temperature, °С -20…+50
Dimensions (with fastening), mm 305x220x100
Max weight, kg 4


  • Long battery life.
  • Has built-in temperature sensor
  • Has "sleeping" mode with low power consumption.
  • Hight ingress protection rating
  • Dust- and waterproof case

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