• 500 000 connected vehicles

    Did you know that about 54% of stolen vehicles are recovered?

    At least those 500 000 assets, under the protection by our ultimate GPS tracking solution, will safely return to owners.

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  • Your business — your name

    Personal Branding is a leadership requirement, with this in mind we'll stand behind you in every step of growing your business.

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  • In the Cloud, the Sky's the Limit

    We'll give you the freedom to monitor the fleet of any size and get the unlimited level of technical support. Connect any number of sensors and devices, and grow your way through the competition.

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  • Trusted by over 800 businesses

    In order to guide you in this process and help you grow, we'll explain the ROI, train and educate you in all aspects in building your business with us.

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  • Ultimate B2B Solution

    Ten years of trusted reputation on the market has brought us 500 000 assets worldwide

  • White-label product

    We give you the power to develop under your own brand with a reliable software being our core focus

  • unmatched scalability

    By wrapping the services around the customer, we shall tame the technology to serve only your needs

  • Business coaching

    We'll help you grow, explain the ROI, train and educate you on all aspects of building your business

Our partners

  • Atrack
  • Queclink
  • GoSafe
  • NovatelWireless
  • SkyWave
  • Calamp
  • BCE
  • Teltonika
  • Ruptela
  • Omnicomm
  • GalileoSky
  • Garmin