LeaseControl: GPS tracking solution for vehicle leasing and auto financing companies

A reliable vehicle leasing software for location tracking and recovery

Car financing, auto loans, and vehicle leasing is an attractive, yet highly risky market. Auto thefts, late payments, defaults, and expensive recovery procedures deter auto dealers and finance companies from growing or maintaining the status quo. So do the unreliable GPS tracking tools that just won't help.

Here's where you change the landscape with LeaseControl, an auto leasing software. Introduce its telematics and IoT features to safeguard financed vehicles, protect the dealers' profits, and provide real business value for them.
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Offer LeaseControl to help companies proactively secure their lease deals with car loan GPS tracking.
High-risk auto deals
Auto loans
Auto financing companies
Vehicle lease companies
Car dealers
BHPH (Buy Here Pay Here) dealerships

Use car loan GPS tracking to secure leasing deals

Theft and abandonment of vehicles as well as late payments rank as the foremost challenges in the vehicle leasing market. These issues affect the financial stability of a leasing or auto financing company.

LeaseControl is developed to address these challenges and minimize risks and costs for experienced professionals and newcomers to the industry. It provides the necessary tools to track, locate, and switch off vehicles for recovery. Without any hassle.
Car loan GPS tracking

LeaseControl: vehicle leasing software that meets your clients' needs

Repossession tools
In case of a default on loans, the user can quickly pinpoint a vehicle and turn the engine off no matter where it is located.
Stress-free recovery
LeaseControl, an automotive leasing software, allows dealers to prevent auto theft once their client quits a preset geofenced area or tampers with a GPS tracking device.
Industry-specific solution
Its features naturally complement vehicle lease management operations; only the essential tools for lease GPS tracking and repossession comprise the solution.
Quick payoff
Effective control tools bring profit to auto dealers from day one by reducing the risks of losing a vehicle or payment delinquencies.

How LeaseControl helps auto dealers, auto financing, and vehicle lease companies

For quick onboarding and ease-of-use, LeaseControl features effective tools to track and control a financed vehicle: geofences, notifications, and remote engine start/stop command among them.
With 24/7 tracking of leased vehicles, the user always stays aware of their asset's exact location and keeps peace of mind.
Time to react? The user chooses what to consider a suspicious action (exiting a certain area or losing connection) and sets up alarms that trigger off automatically when an incident happens.
Notifications can be customized according to the user's choice and be sent by SMS, email, or as push notifications in the web interface.
To avoid further financial losses, the auto dealers can send a command and turn the ignition on/off remotely if a borrower is late on their loan payments.
The LeaseControl functionality is accessible through the Wialon app. Users can download this app for free to manage their vehicles while away from the office.
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Unlock the potential of auto leasing software: LeaseControl features

Real-time vehicle tracking

LeaseControl gets data from trackers and provides access to a car’s exact location 24/7.

Custom geofences

Creating a geofenced area allows the user to get notifications when a vehicle enters or exits it.

Connection loss control

When the user doesn’t receive data from a lent car for a while, they get alerts in order to take timely action.


Let the user choose the most preferable form of getting messages from LeaseControl: push notifications, emails, or SMS.

Remote engine shut-off

Sending commands to block and unblock a car engine remotely is now at the user’s fingertips.


A performance report on a vehicle's journeys, stops, and parking sessions is sent by email.


The feature provides access to the vehicle's driving history and helps keep the asset under stringent control. The data is stored in the system for 90 days.

Why choose LeaseControl over others? Advantages

For service providers

Car loan GPS tracking software based on technology behind Wialon, a trusted platform for IoT projects
A reliable product from a European software provider, backed by 20 years of experience in telematics and IoT
Access to the expertise of the largest telematics and IoT expert community in the world
24/7 multilingual support, SLA-guaranteed uptime, access to SDK, and more
White label option to offer the software under your own brand

For Wialon partners

Opportunities for expanding into a new niche and growing the market share
A trustworthy product tailored to the industry out-of-the-box for quicker setup and dive-in
Effective vehicle leasing management software powered by Wialon enables stronger selling propositions
New business growth tracks via expanding your products and services portfolio
Ability to provide tailored solutions and tackle specific client challenges by integrating LeaseControl with other systems using SDK

FAQ about LeaseControl

We collected and answered your latest questions about the product so that you can better understand how to offer the solution to your customers in a more efficient way.

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