Wialon Customer Service Center: Boosting your business with the Partner Growth team

1 March, 2023
Nikolai Melnikov

It’s Nikolai Melnikov, Head of Customer Service Сenter, again. Today, I carry on with the article series about the structure I’m in charge of. It’s a complex department within Wialon consisting of four teams that perform various tasks regarding partner support at all levels.

Nikolai Melnikov

Nikolai Melnikov
Head of Customer Service Center

In my previous article, I told you about the Project Implementation team. This time, the finest hour has come for the Partner Growth team. For starters, Artiom Romanovskiy, Head of the team, will uncover its mission for you. 

Artiom Romanovskiy

Artiom Romanovskiy
Head of Partner Growth

"The way we call our team reflects the diversity of our mission: to help partners grow their technical expertise and, as a result, the number of connected vehicles, the employee professionalism, and business as a whole. Beginners in the telematics field see us as reliable mentors who help them make their first steps. In contrast, experienced partners see us as experts capable of solving business problems of any complexity."

How the Partner Growth team can assist you

Easy start with Wialon

At the beginning of the journey with Wialon, the Partner Growth Team provides all new partners with basic training materials. This way, they already know the peculiarities of the platform when starting work on their first project.

Partner community training

The Partner Growth Team also manages the training of partners who are more experienced in Wialon to help them know and use the full potential of the platform in various projects.

  • The team connects with the partner’s technical service and discusses plans for developing technical expertise.
  • The team can hold a training session or a webinar on specific platform modules. We can also show more scenarios for using Wialon. It is worth noting that the team uses an individual approach in preparing special training sessions for each partner to help solve specific problems more effectively.

At the end of each training session, the partner receives a follow-up email with a link to the related pages in the documentation, a session recording, a recommendation for the next possible session, and educational videos. These materials allow partners to improve the technical expertise of their employees and provide telematics services at a higher level.

Tim Scherbakov

Tim Scherbakov
Technical Growth Manager

"An in-depth study of Wialon allows partners to realize the range of opportunities offered by the platform. As a result, it helps promote the product on the market. During our training sessions, partners learn that it’s possible to create sensors for each parameter and track not only location but also temperature, fuel level, tire pressure, humidity, illumination, driver behavior, and configure notifications and reports for every sensor. After that, they start understanding how vast the platform is and how many new business opportunities it opens up due to all these features and their lack in other systems."

  • The Partner Growth team offers niche courses on fuel control, driver behavior, tachograph, logistics, and other Wialon functionality for different industries. Thus, it will be easier for partners to enter new niches and expand the list of services for clients.
  • The team will also provide feedback on the course results on the special training portal gurtam.training.com. This way, partners will know how efficiently their staff has learned the course and other methods of improving their knowledge of the platform.
  • Managers from the Partner Growth team arrange certification testing for the partner's employees. 

How to reach out to the Partner Growth team

Customer service is a one-contact department. So you can reach out to any of its teams via a common email: support@wialon.com.  It’s also possible to contact the Partner Growth team directly at growth@wialon.com

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While preparing new valuable materials for you, I invite you to read my previous article on the Project Implementation team if you haven’t done it yet. The post describes how the team can help you flawlessly deliver various projects to the most demanding clients.

Nikolai Melnikov
Nikolai Melnikov
Nikolai Melnikov is Head of the Customer Service Center at Wialon. He provides the partner community with necessary tools, procedures and staff for problem solving in the field of technical consulting, training and project implementation.


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