Wialon customer services makeover: new structure to improve experience

22 December, 2022
Nikolai Melnikov

The year 2022 brought about numerous structural changes across Wialon teams. As part of the process, we developed a brand-new approach to delivering support and technical-related services and introduced the Customer Service Center to better align with partner needs. 

My name is Nikolai Melnikov, and I am Head of Customer Service Center. In this article, we look into Customer Service structure and functions, as well as how this change will positively impact our partners’ experience. Please read further to have a look at the options and services we offer and feel free to request them.

Transforming technical services to provide value

The newly established Customer Service Center was built based on extensive research and communication with our partners and represents a single point for curating the Wialon partner community. The core tasks include managing technical requests, supporting end-to-end Wialon implementation, and providing professional coaching on building platform expertise to help partners expand. 

My presentation introducing the new Customer Service Center at Telematics Vilnius 2022

The new department comprises the following teams: Technical Care, Project Implementation, Partner Growth, and Quality Control and Training

Let’s dive deeper into the functions of each of them and how they can contribute to your growth as a service provider.

Technical Care

The Technical Care team features engineers and certified Wialon experts that are up to any inquiry in no time. The team takes over the tasks of technical support and delivers assistance across two levels. 

Level 1 support includes identifying, investigating and handling issues, as well as further escalating and distributing them to a team with the corresponding expertise. 

Level 2 support involves tackling more complex technical issues and configuring or administering Wialon remotely. 

The Technical Care experts also walk partners through hardware operations. In addition, the team assists in creating and publishing white label apps. 

If you experience any issues while working with Wialon, please do not hesitate to reach us at support@wialon.com.

Project Implementation

The Project Implementation team is set to help partners to integrate Wialon to end customers` companies and tailor the platform to each specific scenario (specified by end customers): be it a customer who migrates from legacy software to Wialon, or a client who starts using GPS system for the first time (e.g. when an integrator finds a new client when entering a new business niche). Project Implementation managers assist with the choice of hardware, guide through Wialon features, and advise on custom development or integrations. The team also instructs on custom and project-specific cases of Wialon setup.

Looking for new business opportunities with Wialon and wonder what platform functionality to employ? Drop us a line at project@wialon.com, and we will help you along the way.

Partner Growth

The Partner Growth team accompanies partners to broaden their technical and business expertise around Wialon. In addition, the team onboards telematics providers who consider becoming Wialon partners to the platform’s functionality, easing the learning curve for the future. 

The specialists share educational materials on Wialon functionality, provide training and consultancy to drive platform adoption across various niches, and help prepare for Wialon certification. In addition, the team regularly analyzes partner requests and feedback to tailor communication accordingly. 

Whether you want to further expand your Wialon knowledge or see what options you have to drive business value, contact us at growth@wialon.com.

Quality Control and Training

Quality Control and Training works closely with the above-mentioned teams, conducting training, performance reviews, and knowledge sharing within the Customer Service department. Extremely knowledgeable about Wialon technical aspects and specifics of our interaction with partners, these experts supervise in-house training or certification and prepare educational materials for employees.

The team works mainly in the background and occasionally reaches out to partners for feedback to identify the areas for improvements. 

If you have suggestions on how to improve operation of the Customer Service Center, please contact support@wialon.com.

After a year of transformations, the fully established Customer Service Center is up and running. From now on, our partners can enjoy an even more tailored and efficient approach to resolving specific issues of any complexity, which is aimed to provide the following:

  • faster and more efficient resolution of technical issues;
  • quicker implementation and more effective projects for your clients;
  • the level of expertise which lets our partners solve more business problems for their clients, offer more complex solutions and turn the platform opportunities into success of their ventures as telematics service providers.

Customer Service is a one-contact department; although you can certainly shoot an email to one of the teams directly, you’re free to contact us at support@wialon.com for any question, and we will transfer it to the correct department or team right away.

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Nikolai Melnikov
Nikolai Melnikov
Nikolai Melnikov is Head of the Customer Service Center at Wialon. He provides the partner community with necessary tools, procedures and staff for problem solving in the field of technical consulting, training and project implementation.


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