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The Wialon community

The Wialon сommunity is the largest association of telematics and IoT experts.
It brings together more than 2,600 partner companies, 700 hardware manufacturers, hundreds of Wialon-based solution developers from 150 countries. Creating and providing a telematics business with IoT solutions, knowledge and technology exchange, assisting in solving technical problems – this is what the Wialon community is working on. Join the community
The Wialon community

Who’s this for?

The Wialon community is constantly evolving, and we would be pleased to see your company as a part of our association.
The Wialon community Do you plan to launch a telematics business but have no idea how to start it? The Wialon community Have you got clients who need to streamline their business processes and earn more with the help of telematics? The Wialon community Are you engaged in telematics hardware manufacturing and selling, but don’t offer your clients the tools for dealing with the equipment? The Wialon community Do you have an idea of the unique telematics solution, and you are searching for the building platform?
The Wialon community

If you have answered “yes” to at least one question, we are encouraging you to become a Wialon partner right now. Get not only effective tools for coping with clients’ business challenges but also comprehensive community support, experience exchange, and assistance in the company's development – a unique space for building a successful business.

Become a Wialon partner

Who's with us?

Why the Wialon partner community?

Each partner gets access to the Wialon business community, an international private club of professionals from 150 countries. Here, the experts from around the world openly discuss their projects, share experiences, and help each other. For partners, Wialon creates the dedicated communication areas: chats, the forum, conferences that we have been hosting for more than 10 years, and IoT zones at exhibitions where partners contact in-person. Now the new way of communication has been introduced – online meetups in the format of panel discussions, working groups, and Q&A sessions.
The Wialon community

Benefits for the Wialon partner community

The Wialon community

Business development assistance

  • Personal manager to assist in developing and expanding the client base, represent the interests of the partner within the community
  • Implementation specialists to assist in launching and developing the Wialon-based projects
  • Joint participation in major conferences and exhibitions
The Wialon community

Marketing support

  • Access to relevant marketing materials: leaflets, presentations, brochures, guides
  • Joint PR campaigns
  • Assistance in organizing partnership events
  • Exhibition booth design templates
  • Publishing cases in the Use cases library and the Wialon blog
The Wialon community

Technical assistance

  • 24/7 technical support
  • Topic-specific online sessions on request
  • Training sessions and seminars
  • Specialist certification
  • Forum for the experience exchange
Become a Wialon partner
The Wialon community

Wialon partner map

Our highest priority is to grow both businesses of each partner and the community as a whole. Before starting cooperation with a partner, we carefully study the given business model. Considering the specifics of each partner’s business, we help professionally integrate Wialon solutions with maximum benefit for both the community and its members.
The Wialon community is more than 2,600 operating partner companies worldwide. Some of the companies have been with us for more than 10 years.
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Wialon community reunions: connecting partners across the globe

At Wialon, our community is at the heart of everything we do. To cultivate genuine connections and strengthen our bonds, we bring partners together worldwide through Wialon community reunions. These events go beyond mere meetings — they're dynamic spaces where partners can hear the latest Wialon updates, discuss the region's telematics landscape, share experiences, and explore new business horizons.
  • A decade of tradition: over the past 10 years, we've gathered our community in various corners of the world, including Vilnius, Mexico City, Dubai, São Paulo, and Los Angeles.
  • Focus on networking: by connecting with fellow telematics experts, partners not only stay updated on the industry trends but also acquire know-how and unlock new growth opportunities.
  • Wialon development updates: community members gain insights into the present and future of Wialon directly from the team.
  • Relaxed atmosphere: events are filled with cozy vibes, creating the perfect setting for business conversations and casual chats.
Discover all community gatherings and other Wialon events.
The event calendar
The Wialon community
The Wialon community
The Wialon community
The Wialon community
The Wialon community
The Wialon community
The Wialon community

Wialon awards

We appreciate the serious work of the Wialon partners who drive the development of the entire industry, and we want to be closer to these involved professionals. Our annual ratings are a great way to celebrate the companies and express our gratitude.
The Wialon community

Wialon meetups

In 2020, Wialon launched a new format for meetings with the partner community – online meetups:
  • various formats of participation: panel discussion, working group, webinar, training, Q&A session
  • 100+ participants in each meetup
  • Russian, English, Spanish
  • the new meetups scheduled for Thursdays weekly
  • exceptionally relevant topics for the partner community
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Wialon, the participant of the largest technology exhibitions and conferences

Meet the Wialon employees and partner community members at the Wialon booths and IoT zones of the technology events around the world.
The Wialon community
The event calendar

Partner resources

The Wialon partners are provided with all the information resources and communication platforms needed for work, along with constant assistance from Gurtam.

Partners speak

Explore what the Wialon community participants think of us
Jones peng
Jones Peng
CMO, Concox

We have been cooperating with Gurtam for over 3 years. The consideration we chose to cooperate was to better satisfy the needs of our clients in using a third-party platform, meanwhile promoting the collaboration and development of the whole IoT industry.

We are satisfied with the platform's rich features, the flexibility of device settings and reports, the stability, and the diversity that meets different kinds of customer requirements. And we hope the cooperation between us could bring more benefits to the IoT industry.

Aleksandr krupovic
Aleksandr Krupovič
Chief of GPS operational marketing, Teltonika

Teltonika and Gurtam have been partners for several years, and our cooperation has always been full of exciting challenges and opportunities. We share a common goal to create highly effective solutions that will provide our customers with more added value and make the IoT truly easy. Just as Teltonika slogan Easy Key to IoT says.

Our close partnership is reflected well in numbers with Teltonika devices taking the top position in the Wialon GPS tracking platform among all hardware manufacturers. Our dedicated technical support makes sure that customers on the Wialon forum get help in a timely and efficient manner. Meanwhile, sharing experience and expertise on a wider scale takes place at conferences, webinars, and online meetups.

We have also joined the COVID-19 IoT alliance, a great initiative by Gurtam to minimize the consequences of the pandemic for humanity and the global economy. Talking about the future, we are very confident that by working together, our companies will achieve many more milestones and reinvent telematics with cutting-edge technologies.

Milan suletic
Milan Šuletić
Business Development Manager, IoT Consultant, Codes

In the last nine years, cooperation with you made some of our dreams happen.

  • A dream of every technician – a reliable platform to work on.
  • A dream of every integrator – a flexible solution to fulfill various demands.
  • A dream of every distributor – a brand with global recognition.
  • A dream of every salesperson to sell such a cool product at an affordable price.
  • A dream of every businessman to have a reliable partner.
  • A dream of every tourist to visit wonderful places and have the best possible fun, attending in that beautiful mixture of learning, networking, and pleasure some people call Wialon conferences.
  • A dream of every human to be surrounded by amazing people.

And at the same time, I'm so glad to witness your dream becoming alive too, with Gurtam becoming one of the world leaders in our industry.

Thank you for this dreamy cooperation. Stay cool and carry on.

Pavel shunkin
Pavel Shunkin
Development Director, Navtelecom

We started our collaboration with Wialon a few years ago. We were unremarkable GLONASS monitoring equipment manufacturers, and they were bright and ambitious developers of an increasingly popular transport monitoring system called Wialon. From the very beginning, our interaction was arranged with a focus on close and productive work. Gurtam experts quickly responded to our changes and improvements in trackers and implemented them on the Wialon server. It allowed us to promptly solve incoming requests from clients using our equipment and the Wialon monitoring system. In time, the interaction points became even more significant, and our relationships went to a higher level.

I’m confident that our achievements as an equipment manufacturer are directly related to the successful implementation of the Wialon telematics platform and the competent policy pursued by Gurtam. The primary value of this company, in our opinion, is its employees who possess not only high qualifications but also remarkable human qualities, which allows them to be leaders in their industry. 

Irina vashurina
Irina Vashurina
Chief of Monitoring Department, Escort

We have decided on Wialon because it is a sufficiently general-purpose monitoring platform. It has a user-friendly interface that provides convenient work for both beginners and professionals. Also, the Wialon team always provides excellent service.

The system is very flexible and has a rich set of configurations; this allows you to reduce the number of service visits and provides the ability to solve current problems quickly. In turn, this saves both time and money.

Thanks to compatibility with a vast amount of equipment, the issues related to connecting the new clients are resolved quickly.

We have been working with Gurtam since 2014 and are satisfied with this collaboration. Its team of professionals is focused on their clients.

Gurtam is always stepping further and improves for us and with us, as we do.

Our company, in turn, is ready for collaborative projects that will allow us to take the next step into the future.

Julia rocca
Julia Rocca
Development Director, Galileosky

For 12 years, Gurtam has been Galileosky's reliable technology partner. All Galileosky hardware solutions are integrated with Wialon and hold leading positions in the advanced solutions segment. Interaction and development have become the core for hundreds of complex and unique projects in various fields: from industrial automation to agricultural modernization, from telematics to the IoT implementation.

Together we do lots of things. Mainly, we help clients reduce transport costs, minimize production costs, and increase safety for employees and transported goods. In many countries around the world, companies are optimizing logistics by relying on joint solutions from Galileosky and Gurtam. And we also have projects in the mining industry, construction, and many other segments.

Our cooperation helps us find new clients. It often happens that integrator companies acquire our terminals, immediately focusing on their work with Wialon. We are confident that such a bundle will effectively meet the needs of the business in the future.

Gurtam is a team of real professionals and just great people, and our cooperation has given us much more – we have friends who share our values. This is what has been helping together for more than ten years to create products that are ahead of the market needs.

Dmitry apanasevich
Dmitry Apanasevich
Design Engineer, Mechatronics

The hardware manufacturers should continuously look at their activities as if they were clients, not manufacturers. Therefore, our company generates the integration projects of turnkey telematics systems using also purchased equipment and monitoring software. It allows us to thoroughly test our sensors, displays, and other on-board equipment in real conditions. We decided on Wialon as the monitoring platform, as this product is popular among our clients.

Our technical support’s specifics imply a deep understanding of our products and the software’s functioning. Using Wialon in the projects helps to accumulate experience needed for the successful maintenance of our products. Besides, Wialon’s extensive functionality allows using it for comprehensive testing of new products. Since 2014, we have gone from the first steps in Wialon to the application developers and intend to promote cooperation in the future.

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