Tachograph VDO 3283

Vendor: Continental Corporation.

The digital tachograph DTCO ® 3283 allows digital data recording, including driving and rest times, speed, rpm and route of the vehicle as well as information needed for calibration. The tachograph complies with the special requirements of the Russian market and national legislation. The DTCO 3283 has all the features of the 1-DIN tachograph, including two fully automatic chip card readers, a printer, display, real-time clock, user controls and integrated data storage. It also has a dedicated interface to the CIPD (Cryptographic Information Protection Device).

Required by law, the CIPD stores all relevant data and has special security mechanisms for data protection. The Cryptographic Information Protection Device has an integrated GlONASS module for position detection.

Moreover tachograph VDO 3283 is fully integrated with Wialon Hosting.

Compatible devices supported in Wialon:

Image Name Port Vendor Category
GALILEOSKY v 5.0 20268 GalileoSky Vehicle
2 Navtelecom Signal S-2550
Navtelecom Signal S-2550
20871 Navtelecom
3 Navtelecom Signal S-2551 Navtelecom Signal S-2551
20740 Navtelecom
4 Navtelecom SMART Navtelecom SMART 20966 Navtelecom Vehicle

Advantages and benefits of tachograph VDO 3283:

  • Thermal printing mechanism allows to store printed copy for years without losing color;
  • Operating temperature range is from -25 °C to +70 °C;
  • Storage temperature range is from -40 °C to +85 °C;
  • The system calibration can be performed only by authorized service partners and authority;
  • Vehicle data is stored in an integral mass memory with capacity for recording activities for minimum a year;
  • Special tachograph cards are used in the tachograph to comply with data protection requirements of Russian Federation and ensure security;
  • Display illumination and button lighting function.

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