Gurtam releases the new product for agribusinesses

28 mai, 2019
Kirill Yakynin

Businesses dream of delivering their products for the general market. Gurtam does it the other way around and promotes its all-in-one platform into specific niches. Our next step is agriculture. We suggest you make it with us and start testing a beta version of the new solution by Gurtam – Hecterra.  

What’s inside?

We saw the agricultural sector with the eyes of our partners and noted a trend. Although everyone agreed on the basic functionality, each integrator brought at least one specific request that we’ve never come across before. That’s why we didn’t focus on making the solution all around but kept our minds on basic features:

  • Access to data on fields and seeds;
  • Cultivation area counting; 
  • Drivers and machinery control.

If you have proper telematics equipment installed, you’ll get all the data from Wialon. That’s why we created a simple solution to control seeding and cultivation based on our platform. We call it Hecterra, and it includes two core components:  

1. Web interface to address basic tasks: automated calculation of the cultivation area, keeping the crops catalogue, storing fields history, and reporting. All this based on Wialon data. But the interface is the tip of the iceberg. It’s not a tired idea – it’s a fact.

What’s inside?

2. API for multipurposeness. Hecterra is the first project where we parlay API and the developers’ community. All you see in the interface is only a fraction of what you as an integrator can offer to a client.

For example, Hecterra can count a cultivation area very precisely. And you can use the data just anywhere: ranging from in-house accounting systems to third-party agricultural and telematics solutions. Developers can go further and use Hecterra as a backend platform to create brand new software.    

How it works: features to be tested 

Today, we open beta testing of Hecterra for all users of Wialon Hosting – authorize in the app following the direct link Don’t close the tab with the article; it will guide you through the essential features of the new solution:  

  • Create fields in Hecterra or insource them from Wialon. You can specify crop rotation for each field to show what was cultivated, where, and what’s happening there now. 

What’s inside?

  • Fill in crops and operations catalogues showing the crops and works performed on the fields.

What’s inside?

  • Work with units, trailers, drivers from Wialon in Hecterra. 

What’s inside?

  • Detect and register cultivations for any date.  

What’s inside?

Implements are formed from trailers in Wialon. These are detachable mechanisms with specific grasp width (used to count cultivation area) and operations performed (used for reporting).

Note! When counting cultivation area, we also consider overlaps, gaps and fuel spent. All the data can be visualized in reports or on the map.  

This was a short overview of the basics offered by Hecterra. To make the whole way of a beta-user and count every hectare, stick to the latest documentation on the app and follow an in-app tutorial. 

What’s inside?

For the developers, access to beta-version is a chance to start working with an API in advance. It means, that by the official release you and your technical team will be ready to address the most non-standard client requests with new solutions and integrations based on Hecterra. To assist you, we created detailed documentation on the API.  

Share your experience  

Since today, we’ve made Hecterra available for all Wialon Hosting users and are waiting for your feedback on our forum. Tell us what you think about the new app without mincing words – it will allow focusing on the areas of underperformance and release a more effective product when the time comes. 

P.S. Fast facts (for those skimming the article)

Today we open beta testing of the simple niche solution based on Wialon. Beta version precisely counts cultivation area and is not intended to be a general-purpose tool for all agribusinesses. To adjust the app for specific clients, one should use API. With Hecterra, we target the developers creating custom solutions for individual clients and projects. Unlock your developer’s potential, and you’ll seamlessly replace any third-party software with Hecterra.   

Starter FAQ: We’ll officially release Hecterra in May. 

Kirill Yakynin
Kirill Yakynin
Kirill est chef de marque à Gurtam. Il maintient l'intégrité de la marque dans toutes les initiatives de marketing et de communication de la société et s'assure que les produits de Gurtam trouvent un écho chez les clients actuels et potentiels.


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