GPS Hardware Manufacturers Top 10: 2023 edition

5 julho, 2023
Elizaveta Guliaeva

GPS Hardware Manufacturers Top 10 is the ranking that features the most popular manufacturers of telematics and IoT devices. Every year, it includes only ten companies whose products were connected to Wialon most frequently over the previous 12 months.

For hardware manufacturers, getting into the top 10 is not only recognition within the Wialon community, but also an indicator of the company’s success in the global telematics market. For service providers, our ranking, in turn, is a practical tool when searching for suppliers, as well as one of the ways to track the dynamics of the GPS hardware market development.

Let’s finally meet the leaders of the 2023 ranking!

1Teltonika Telematics 
3Queclink Wireless Solutions
4Jimi IoT
6Suntech International
10ERM Electronic Systems 

#1 Teltonika Telematics

For the second year in a row, Teltonika Telematics, a global developer and manufacturer of unique IoT solutions, tops our ranking. The company produces more than 500,000 devices per month and exports them to 166 countries around the world. In total, more than 100 device models of this brand are integrated with Wialon, and Teltonika FMB920, a basic but reliable GPS tracker, is the most popular.

teltonika telematics 1At Teltonika Telematics production

#2 Navtelecom

The second place goes to Navtelecom‎. Annually, the company reaches the top 3 hardware manufacturers in our ranking, thus confirming the relevance and practicality of its products. In October 2022, Navtelecom announced a new development — a series of compact trackers with built-in START S-201x antennas, and only six months later, more than 3,000 START S-201x devices have already been connected to Wialon.

#3 Queclink Wireless Solutions

The third in ranking is Queclink Wireless Solutions, a company that has been creating cutting-edge solutions for the IoT industry over the last 10 years. Without exaggeration, Queclink’s devices are used everywhere. The trackers made by this company send GPS coordinates even from Antarctica! At the moment, GL300W portable trackers are providing security for the Argentine Joint Antarctic Command working at Esperanza Base.

#4 Jimi IoT

Jimi IoT, a popular developer and manufacturer of GPS trackers, takes the fourth position in our ranking. The company is headquartered in Shenzhen, China. It also has a separate research and development center in Huizhou, China, and regional offices in the United States, India and other countries. To date, more than 120,000 Jimi IoT devices are connected to Wialon, and this number continues to grow.

#5 Ruptela

Ruptela entered the top five of this ranking. At the beginning of 2023, the company passed the milestone of 2,000,000 GPS tracking devices produced. Being focused on new technological developments and having an extensive distribution network, Ruptela will definitely reach new milestones in the very near future.

ruptela trace5 naRuptela Trace5 NA tracks the location and condition of more than 30,000 vehicles on Wialon

#6 Suntech International

The sixth position is taken by a major Korean hardware manufacturer Suntech International. Out of 45 Suntech tracker models integrated with Wialon, the ST310U model became a truly sought-after. It’s a GPS tracking device with a reliable anti-theft system that can be installed on any type of vehicle.

#7 GLONASSsoft

The seventh place in the ranking goes to GLONASSsoft‎. The company is known for producing a series of UMKa terminals for fleet management and asset tracking. In addition to terminals, GLONASSsoft‎ manufactures fuel level sensors, RFID readers and other devices.

#8 Sensata INSIGHTS

Sensata INSIGHTS came in eighth in our ranking. This year, the company’s new products were demonstrated at the Wialon IoT zone at Expo Seguridad exhibition in Mexico. Ali Guillen Saer, Regional Director of Sensata, participated as a guest speaker at the Telematics CDMX 2023 partner conference.

telematics cdmx 2023

The panel discussion at Telematics CDMX 2023 with Sensata INSIGHTS

#9 FleetGuide

FleetGuide makes its debut in our ranking in ninth place. FleetGuide self-positions as a manufacturer of exceptionally high quality devices. The company provides its customers with a free trial and a lifetime warranty on all devices. According to the manufacturer, the defect rate doesn’t exceed 0.5%.

#10 ERM Electronic Systems

ERM Electronic Systems — one more brand that appeared in our ranking for the first time — rounds out the top 10. The company has been developing technologies and products for the automotive market since 1985. ERM offices are located in Israel and India, but the company’s solutions are being distributed in over 65 countries.


Aliaksandr Kuushynau
Head of Wialon

“‎Congratulations to Teltonika Telematics on a well-deserved first place. In the five years that our ranking of GPS hardware manufacturers has existed, Teltonika has never gone below second place. It’s always challenging to remain a leader in a high-tech industry — you need to be flexible and predict trends and demands. And, as we can see, Teltonika Telematics can do it like no other!”

1grebDenis Grebennikov
Head of Business Development Center

“Currently, Wialon works with 3,100 device models by more than 700 manufacturers. 20 years ago, we decided to create a hardware-agnostic platform, and we adhere to this approach to this very day. With Wialon, our service providers and their customers can choose from the widest range of different devices available on the market. To date, over 3.6 million vehicles are connected to Wialon, which allows us to form a unique and reliable ranking of hardware brands. Without doubt, the leaders of this ranking are the leaders of the global telematics market.”‎

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Elizaveta Guliaeva
Elizaveta Guliaeva
A Elizaveta é uma Content Marketer na Wialon. Ela compartilha as últimas notícias da empresa com a comunidade Wialon e cria materiais de marketing que mostram os melhores recursos do Wialon para diferentes nichos de negócios.