The Electric Vehicle Road Trip with Wialon

6 fevereiro, 2018

Imagine driving for 2,000km without a drop of petrol. This is no more a fantastic dream, as 60 people did it when the Electric Vehicle Road Trip (EVRT) Middle East reached its final destination in the Sustainable City in Dubai. Each participant could be tracked in real time via Wialon-based GPS tracking system.

The EVRT, which set off from Abu Dhabi on January 18, saw the participants cover 2,000km in electric vehicles through stunning desert landscapes, twisting mountain roads and picturesque coastal drives. They made their way across the UAE and Oman. They also visited such an important sustainable energy project as the Shams 1 Solar Park.

This year’s event was arranged primarily to explode the myth that electric cars are meant just for short hops around town. Over the course of two weeks, the column of electric cars covered 2,000km between Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Oman. The routes of all the participants could be tracked in real time due to the efforts of Inbound LLC company, a dedicated Gurtam partner in the region. It became one of the partners of this unique industry event. To keep the audience informed on the course of the event Inbound LLC company used the Locator tool by Gurtam to share electric cars locations and help everyone to keep up with the progress made.

“Electric and autonomous vehicles are the future. We learn a lot from the existing infrastructure and challenges as well as from implementation of the latest technologies in auto industry. The UAE has big vision for sustainable transport in which EV play an important role. Such transport improves the big companies’ bottom line and saves mother-earth at the same time”, – says Walied AlBasheer, CEO and Founder, Inbound LLC.

The participants, a convoy of 10 cars, were welcomed home from the epic nine-day road trip, in the presence of Dr. Thani bin Ahmed Al Zeyoudi, Minister of Climate Change and Environment. Congratulating the EVRT team, Al Zeyoudi said that the message this trip sends out to the world is that "sustainability is adoptable" and has an incredible impact on the environment. He urged the EVRT drivers to share their stories with zero oil and zero accidents so the message of sustainable development can be spread.

Ben Pullen, managing director of Global EVRT, said: "By establishing a new, extended network of charging stations across this tough, 2,000km route, we are demonstrating that these cars are not just environmentally friendly options for the future. They are real options for car buyers right now, with innovative gadgets and technology to excite and impress."