Wialon UI update: what is new in November 2022

9 novembro, 2022
Olga Voytikhovich

In November, the Wialon team rolled out an update for the platform user interface (UI). Within the update among other things, we unified all UI components to improve maintenance and facilitate delivery of new features in the future.

With this release, we aim to provide a modernized and easy-to-navigate Wialon UI. This blog post explores the recent changes, and how users can benefit from the new Wialon design.

The Wialon UI update

Let’s have a look at the main changes in the platform user interface to date.

A new color scheme

Following modern UI guidelines, we employed the Material Design color palette, making the interface more aesthetically pleasing to use. 

Bringing about consistency in visual elements

To achieve easier maintenance and faster feature development in the future, we unified all elements across the platform’s interface. We also aimed to improve visual experience, keeping up with high consistency in element colors, sizes, etc.


Rounding elements and increasing indent

As part of a human-centric design approach, we rounded buttons, fields, hovers, pop-ups, etc., and increased the space between some elements. Now, the interface is more appealing and easier to perceive.

rounding elements


We looked for balance in marrying users’ wishes of showing more user interface components on a single window, and adhering to readability and accessibility guidelines. To further enhance reading experience, we updated the font from Arial to Roboto and increased the font size.

font size

We appreciate the efforts of those partners who tested the beta version of the release. Thanks to your feedback, we are able to release improvements which consider the real-life experience of you and your clients.

Let us also remind you that a month ago we upgraded Wialon charts to facilitate the work with them. Make sure to get acquainted with the changes and use new features in your daily operations.

Feel free to leave your feedback or submit ideas at support@gurtam.com. Stay tuned for the future updates and subscribe to notifications about Wialon blog posts not to miss the following announcements.

Olga Voytikhovich
Olga Voytikhovich
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