Updates: What’s new in August 2022

16 September, 2022
Aliaksandra Makarevich

In August, we presented the first part of a big project dedicated to charts in Wialon Hosting. Let’s talk about the main changes, what stands behind them and how you can benefit from the updated functionality.  

New chart features

Сharts in Wialon Hosting are undergoing serious transformation. The main idea behind it is to increase chart efficiency, accelerate work with different datasets and simplify interaction with different elements in charts. As a result, you get an instant 360° view of your daily operations no matter how many vehicles you connect or which way you scale up your business. 

To achieve the goal, we update and enhance the current tools, as well as implement new tools that help solve tasks better and faster. The major upgrade starts with significant changes to charts on the Messages and Reports tabs. 

Important: As you probably know, Wialon has charts that are rendered on server and at the front-end, or web. Changes apply only to those rendered at the front-end. That’s why make sure that the Render chart on server option is disabled in the user settings.  

Changes that apply both to the Messages tab and the Reports tab

  • New design of the toolbar, tooltips, axes, and other elements 

The interface has considerably changed, with current icons redesigned and new ones added. Now you have new and more user-friendly ways to zoom in/out of a certain area in a chart, compare data, see more information about points in it or save a chart as a PNG file. A freshly added cursor line helps better navigate data sets. 


  • Updated point tracing  

We’ve made it simple to identify the right point on a line in a chart and get the necessary data right away. Once you hover the mouse cursor over it you get data for all the lines of the displayed charts by default. The feature allows you to easily compare the values for different lines when necessary.

When the cursor touches a line, it gets visually highlighted in the block to make it instantly clear what data you’re looking at.

Point tracing

  • More flexible work with the legend  

To customize the legend to your liking, you can turn off lines and backgrounds one element at a time, or all with one click, or all but one.


  • Compare data option (a ruler icon) added

Let's imagine that you need to compare data on two lines. Once you click on the ruler icon and  activate the new tool, it allows you to fix two points on the chart and get a tooltip where you see the initial and final values (A and B), as well as the difference between them and the duration of the period.


Changes that apply to the Reports tabs only

  • New way of switching from a report to the Messages tab 

Before there was a separate icon on the toolbar to switch to the other tab and check necessary details. We wanted to make the switch easier and more effortless. Now you no longer need to activate a separate tool for that. There's a special icon that appears right on the workspace once you click on the working area of the chart. Once you click on it, you go directly to the Messages tab – as simple as that. 

switching from a report to the Messages tab

  • Simultaneous scaling of charts in two windows in the Reports tab

First of all, the Show as second window option has become more visible and comprehensive: now it’s much easier for you to work with two windows and compare data in them.

Simultaneous scaling of charts in two windows in the Reports tab

The tool to bind two charts has also been revisited and upgraded. Now you need to click the Zoom charts simultaneously button. In this case, any changes in the scale along the X axis will occur simultaneously in two windows.

Binding charts

This way, it gets much easier to find interdependencies and causes of this or that event.

  • Up to six different data types in a report template 

Each data type has its own Y-axis. Previously, there was a maximum of two such axes. A killer feature of the update is increasing this number up to six axes. Now you can compare more types of data in a single chart, find patterns and draw conclusions. You can also adjust the borders of the selected area even after you set the second point.

Data types in a report template

For more details about the new charts, please check our documentation.

At Telematics Vilnius 2022, Maria Starikova, Product Managers Team Lead in Wialon, elaborated on updates to Wialon Hosting, including new charts. She talked about the above-mentioned changes and pulled the curtain back on the upcoming upgrades and releases. Be among the first to learn more about them by checking her presentation. 

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Aliaksandra Makarevich
Aliaksandra Makarevich
Aliaksandra is a Content Marketer at Gurtam, with 3+ years of content-related experience in publishing houses and international tech companies. She has now switched to topics associated with telematics and IoT, to keep Gurtam's clients updated and engaged.


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