Lubricant products monitoring platform

IoT project of the year 2021


Fleet owners know how important it is to monitor the lubricant level in every vehicle as well as to keep track of the oil replacement dates, and to use the right product. LLK-International is the leader of the Russian oils and greases market. Their specialists asked the Wialon partner Tetron to create a universal platform for lubes. They wanted their clients to not only buy the right oil but also to use it at proper times and in an appropriate manner so that the machinery would function without fail. This platform was required to:

  • timely monitor the condition of installed sets (oil pumping units, cutting fluid tanks, etc.), and vehicles;
  • automatically keep track of oil replacement dates;
  • notify users when it was time to replace oil in their vehicles;
  • give tips on how to choose oil depending on the vehicle type and operating conditions;
  • provide an option of planning and automatic product ordering from Lukoil catalog based on replacement intervals;
  • generate dashboards and reports to control and analyze installations, vehicles, and lubricants.


The vehicle service life and maintenance costs depend directly on the oil and cutting fluids and their timely replacement. Tetron has developed software that monitors oil replacement dates, notifies the user that lubes need to be replaced, and recommends which oil will fit best. 

How does it work? Installed telematics devices collect data from all the machinery and send it to Wialon. With the monitoring platform, users control traveled distance and operating hours. That is, in fact, they keep track of oil replacement intervals. Custom fields in the vehicle properties allow storage of information about the lubricants used for each machine, each vehicle, or a stationary monitoring unit. Fleetrun, a solution for maintenance monitoring, helps control intervals between services, and the work done. It also sends notifications when the time has come to replace oil. 


The innovative service developed by Tetron covers all the issues related to oils and cutting fluids. It allows planning and ordering of products, control of replacement dates, and oil type. The platform sends notifications to users when the oil needs to be replaced.

The purpose of the service developed by Tetron was to reach more new clients for the customer and enhance the loyalty of the existing ones.


The user is always aware of the oil replacement dates and the vehicle condition.

Service life and cost

Timely oil replacement increases the service life of vehicles and reduces maintenance-related costs.

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