Sugar cane harvesting and transportation control in Guatemala

IoT project of the year 2021


Ingenio Palo Gordo S.A. is a sugar cane production company from Guatemala. Its fleet is made up of 200 vehicles that collect and deliver cane to the client’s sugar factories.

The company was lacking means of control over harvest and transport operations. During a harvest period, 36% of the time was wasted in vain due to inefficient unloading and delivery. Controllers didn’t know how much time was actually needed for cane transport and unloading. Hence, they couldn’t predict the time of their arrival at a factory.


Sistelco S.A. developed an application that provides real-time information on vehicle tracking, volumes of sugar cane delivered, calculation of loading/unloading and en-route time, and other parameters assignment. 

  • Vehicle tracking. The app is based on Wialon and its geofences: once a vehicle enters/exits a geofence, the GPS monitoring platform receives a signal. A user tracks any vehicle from the client’s fleet in the app interface.

  • Every vehicle is equipped with a Teltonika FMB204 GPS tracker. The device supports Bluetooth and connects to a Blue Coin ID, i.e. a beacon with a unique number installed on a trailer. Data from the installed hardware is transferred to Wialon. 

  • Fleet monitoring and control. All the features and services are connected to Wialon. User accounts are created in the Wialon CMS where the client sets up permissions to access data from the app.

  • Analytics. The application visualizes data and generates reports.


The application lets the company control the time cycle of the raw material collection with its visualization and generate reports. The client expects to get the maximum benefit from the app by the end of the harvesting season. In addition to that, they plan to add new features like trailer control via Bluetooth.

Loss minimization

The client can better organize sugar production processes and avoid a factory shutdown due to the shortage of material.

Better time and vehicle control

The client now has a better idea of the fleet and factory performance and expects to improve its numbers.

Detailed control

The app offers detailed information about each and every step of material collection and transportation, offering unique insights for decision making and operations optimization.

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Company profile

Country: Guatemala
IoT project of the year nomination: Agriculture
Business sphere: Agriculture
Monitoring unit: Raw material, Agricultural machinery

Implemented products

Wialon Hosting

Implemented hardware

Teltonika FMB204

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