GPS Hardware Manufacturers Top 10: Wialon ranking 2022

25 agosto, 2022
Aliaksandra Makarevich

On 17 August 2022, in Vilnius, Lithuania, Wialon held the GPS Hardware Manufacturers Top 10 award ceremony. The live event was part of the Telematics Vilnius conference.

Traditionally, the annual ranking highlights telematics and IoT hardware manufacturers whose devices have been connected to Wialon more frequently than others over the previous year. Why does it spark so much interest inside the Wialon community and beyond every year? Because the ranking illustrates global trends and customer demands. Wialon integrates with GPS devices from more than 690 hardware manufacturers. This is a big chunk of the global market of trackers, sensors, and MDVRs. Wialon partners use them in different scenarios: fleet management, agriculture, construction and so on. Such a diverse and broad range of application use cases turns the ranking into a global performance table. 

Let’s see a full recap of the 2022 winners.

GPS Hardware Manufacturers Top 10 winners

1Teltonika Telematics 
4Jimi IoT
7Xirgo Global | Sensata

This year, Teltonika Telematics, our long-term partner, ranks first. The company is a true innovator that invests into educational programs like IoT academy and R&D and keeps creating new models. Also, it manufactures the FMB920 GPS tracker, one of the most popular devices in the world. Over 3 million copies of FMB920 have been sold globally since the release in August 2018.

GPS Hardware Manufacturers Top 10 awardsThe 2022 GPS Hardware Manufacturers Top 10 awards 
Antanas Segzda TeltonikaAntanas Segzda, CEO of Teltonika, gets the award 
Aliaksandr Kuushynau announces the resultsAliaksandr Kuushynau announces the results of the 2022 ranking 
GPS Hardware Manufacturers Top 10Huge applause to the winners 
gps hardware manufacturers top 10 winnerThe Queclink team receives the award. What a result! 
gps hardware manufacturers top 10 winnerThe Ruptela team is on the stage. Congratulations! 
gps hardware manufacturers top 10 winnerVytis Baniulis accepts the award for Xirgo Global | Sensata. Big thanks for your work!  
gps hardware manufacturers top 10 winnersWialons welcomes the 2022 GPS Hardware Manufacturers Top 10 winners 

Aliaksandr Kuushynau

Aliaksandr Kuushynau
Head of Wialon

Teltonika Telematics contributes to the IoT world in a way that you can’t imagine connected businesses and smart projects without them. I’m so proud to have this company as our technology partner. 91 types of devices by Teltonika Telematics are integrated with Wialon – that’s the highest number among all GPS hardware manufacturers. Their achievements look incredible, but trust me, they will rock this world more than once. 

Other Lithuanian companies from our Top 10 prove that the country has well established itself as one of the global leaders in GPS hardware manufacturing. Wialon is happy to see Ruptela and Xirgo Global | Sensata in the ranking.

One of the most famous regional telematics hardware manufacturers, Navtelecom, comes second. The company remains a tech leader that annually demonstrates incredible results. Navtelecom has over 300 thousand of its devices connected to Wialon.

Chinese manufacturers have been competing head-to-head on our list this year. Queclink, Jimi IoT, and TOPFLYtech are leaders on the internal market whose success has been marked by numerous state awards in their country. But they are intensively expanding their presence on foreign markets in the Americas, Europe, and Africa. They build both traditional GPS trackers and next-gen products such as TOPFLYtech’s solar smart locks. We’re hoping to see such innovative devices in a growing number of projects. 

Suntech is continuing to advance and push beyond their limits year after year. This is probably the most international company in the Top 10. Based in South Korea, now it’s one of the US biggest GPS tracker manufacturers and the Latin American market leader. At Wialon, we really admire Suntech’s truly innovative spirit. It was the first company to introduce a chip-based design for GPS telematics, which provides the telematics world with compact, budget-friendly, and feature-rich devices.

GLONASSsoft and Galileosky are quickly increasing the number of copies of their devices sold globally. Congratulations! We’re hoping you’ll have even higher ranks next year.

Denis Grebennikov

Denis Grebennikov
Head of Business Development Center, Wialon

Wialon is happy to work with you and see your devices integrated into the Wialon ecosystem. In partnership with the world’s leading hardware manufacturers, we are approaching our goal: to give service providers full freedom in building telematics and IoT solutions with whatever hardware they see fit.

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Aliaksandra Makarevich
Aliaksandra Makarevich
A Aliaksandra é Content Marketer na Gurtam. Ela possui mais de 3 anos de experiência com conteúdo em editoras e empresas internacionais de tecnologia. Recentemente ela mudou para tópicos associados à telemática e IoT para manter os clientes da Gurtam atualizados e engajados.


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