Fuel consumption monitoring in road rollers

IoT project of the year 2021




UNITRASS LLC is engaged in road construction, provides transport services, and also improves public areas in Tyumen and the Tyumen region, Russia. The company was looking for a solution to control the fuel consumption in its machines, particularly in road rollers.

Fuel consumption in road rollers can vary greatly depending on operations and working conditions. The customer wanted to know under what conditions fuel consumption changes and make sure that operators use the machinery correctly.


The Wialon partner, 76 Oil Tyumen from Russia, offered the solution that allowed UNITRASS LLC to control the fuel consumption in road rollers and the work of operators.

  • It was unreasonable to use fuel level sensors due to the curved shape of the roller's fuel tank and the specifics of the vehicles that can operate at a large angle of inclination. In addition, there was no fuel data in the roller's CAN bus. But 76 Oil Tyumen specialists found a way out: they equipped machines with fuel consumption sensors with their own CAN bus.
  • In Wialon, the report with fuel consumption diagrams was configured, which allows monitoring in real time the amount of fuel consumed.
  • Data on the volume of fuel consumption, engine operation time in various modes allow the client to assess the technical condition of the roller and the driver’s work.


The solution offered by 76 Oil Tyumen allowed the road construction company to monitor and analyze the fuel consumption of its machines.

Data at hand

The client can monitor fuel consumption in real time, analyze the received records and make data-based decisions.


The data obtained helps the client understand under what conditions there is an unplanned fuel consumption increase and avoid such situations in the future.

Monitoring operator performance

By analyzing fuel consumption data, the client can evaluate the performance of roller operators and make recommendations.

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IoT project of the year nomination: Construction and demolition
Business sphere: Construction
Monitoring unit: Construction machinery

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