Monitoring fuel trucks in South Africa

IoT project of the year 2021

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Vryheid Petroleum transports fuel to gas stations and private clients in South Africa. The company also specializes in hazardous spills cleaning and supplying agrichemicals to farmers. Vryheid Petroleum’s fleet consists of 51 vehicles.

  • The company often suffered from vehicle theft and hijacking and, as a result, lost substantial sums of money. One vehicle loss means $27,000 to $40,000 expenses.
  • With every stolen vehicle, 50,000 liters of petroleum were gone as well. Sometimes, uncareful driving caused product loss as well.
  • Unscrupulous drivers intentionally made unauthorized stops, delayed deliveries, and demanded payments for overtime afterward.


Some units from the client’s fleet


Our partner Tracking Africa, South Africa, managed to offer a Wialon-based solution that coped with the client’s issues. 

  • Tracking Africa equipped the client's vehicles with Teltonika’s FMB120 trackers. The trackers collect data on location, movements, drivers, etc., and send them to the Wialon Hosting monitoring platform.
  • Driver ID reader was installed to enable driver identification.
  • Eco driving functionality is used for driver behavior control.
  • A buzzer ensures immediate driver warning in case of improper driving behavior. The device beeps when overspeeding, harsh accelerating, or braking is detected.
  • The client accesses the monitoring system via the web and mobile apps.
  • Vryheid Petroleum managers get daily reports on unauthorized vehicle stops, so it’s possible to see when a driver deviates from the route and doesn’t meet a schedule. The trucks are also equipped with cameras that provide additional evidence.


Unauthorized stop detected

  • The client’s geofences were imported to Wialon so that employees in charge could receive notifications in case of any zone violations, e.g. if a vehicle enters dangerous areas known for hijacking or theft.
  • Tracking Africa’s specialists have installed a remote panic module inside a vehicle’s cabin. A driver can use it in case of hijacking or other emergencies to inform dispatchers immediately.
  • Thanks to Locator, the client can share truck location data with customers and repair technicians.
  • Users without access to the app (for example, customers) can receive notifications via Telegram.
  • The Reports module allows Vryheid Petroleum to settle disputes with customers and drivers.
  • It’s possible to view the stats on vehicles and assets at any time, thanks to Dashboard.


Tracking Africa provided a solution that allowed Vryheid Petroleum to secure their fleet and goods both from theft and uncareful driving.

Safer driving

After the project implementation, the client noticed a reduction in speeding fines.

Fewer losses

The solution has saved numerous fuel trucks from being hijacked or stolen.

Undeniable proof

Vryheid Petroleum can resolve disputes with drivers and customers thanks to cameras and telematics data at hand.

Effortless access to data

The transportation company’s managers and other employees can see all the stats on the vehicles at any time, as well as react to any issues immediately to minimize their impact on the business.

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Company profile

Country: South Africa
IoT project of the year nomination: Fuel transportation and storage
Business sphere: Mining and processing
Monitoring unit: Freight vehicle

Implemented products

Wialon Hosting

Implemented hardware

Teltonika FMB120
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