Preventing vehicle thefts in Russia



It's not uncommon for leasing and rental companies when the rental cars are thieved. One such company asked our partners to implement a GPS fleet monitoring system. In particular, it was required to provide remote engine shutdown, real-time monitoring, historical data to analyze and report, in/out geofence control, event-based notifications, mobile app to control vehicle outside the office.


“Smart Control Systems”, the Gurtam partner company from Russia, proposed a vehicle tracking solution consisting of the following components: Wialon Hosting + Smart S-2333 (Navtelekom).

  • Smart S-2333 device equipped with antennas, built-in configurable accelerometer, and low-current output was chosen as a device for starter block.
  • In Wialon, geofences of various types and sizes are created to indicate the perimeter.
  • If the rental car appears out of the geofence, the system blocks the engine on command, and the dispatcher is notified by e-mail, mobile device, and browser.
  • The client receives not only an anti-theft suit, but also a universal system for satellite monitoring with the ability to control movements in real time and receive reports on trips, track the progress of maintenance by time, mileage and hours, and much more.


It all started with the client’s desire to get an anti-theft suit, but as a result, the client received a multi-functional telematics vehicle tracking system.

0 car thefts

Since the introduction of the monitoring system, no case of theft has been recorded.

Dozens of units

A single specialist can easily control in real time such a number of units with receiving up-to-date reporting on trips.

Accurate planning

The ability to track the terms of rental cars, while ensuring proper planning.


Thanks to the convenient mobile client, round-the-clock monitoring is guaranteed.

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Company profile

Business sphere: Rental
Monitoring unit: Passenger vehicle

Implemented products

Wialon Hosting

Implemented hardware

Navtelecom SMART S-23xx
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