Preventing theft and drivers control in Peru

IoT project of the year 2021


Rosymar is one of the biggest logistics and delivery companies in Peru. The organization was striving to improve the quality of customer service and cope with perennial problems.

One of the company's issues that challenged this aim was fuel theft committed by drivers. The delivered goods inside the trucks were also insecure. As a result, the carrier suffered financial and reputational losses.


The Wialon partner Segurtrak provided Rosymar with a solution for tackling the mentioned problems.

  • Segurtrak equipped trucks with Suntech ST310U GPS trackers and Escort-TD150 fuel level sensors that help detect fuel theft. Data collected by the sensors is processed by the Wialon monitoring platform. A dispatcher gets a notification when the fuel level changes.
  • Notifications also help the client to control the location of trucks. In case a vehicle deviates from the route or leaves certain geofences, the alert is activated.
  • When a pop-up window of notification appears on the screen, a custom event is created. It doesn’t allow operators to ignore notifications. The custom event contains the information about the type and the number of notifications received, how many of them were ignored and which operator was in charge. This ensures that all the issues are addressed without exception.
  • The client can export the reports on the events to an Excel file to review the operations in bulk.
  • The WiaTag mobile app is used to track the location of vehicles with a broken GPS tracker.

Segurtrak is also planning to implement Eco Driving for monitoring driver behavior. This Wialon module is regarded as one of the ways that would help the client to save more fuel, as careful driving allows reducing fuel consumption.


Thanks to the solution provided by Segurtrak, the client can detect illegal fuel discharges and prevent the stealing of transported goods.

Around $200,000

Was saved as 4 product thefts were prevented during the first month after the solution’s implementation.

Fuel under control

Within the same month, two drivers were proved to be stealing fuel. They confessed and compensated the costs of the stolen gasoline.


Thanks to geofences and location monitoring, the trucks now follow the designated routes, and any deviations can be detected and dealt with in a snap.

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Company profile

Country: Peru
IoT project of the year nomination: Local deliveries
Business sphere: Local deliveries
Monitoring unit: Freight vehicle, Drivers

Implemented products

Wialon Hosting

Implemented hardware

Suntech ST310U
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