Fuel Level Sensor Escort-TD

Vendor of Escort-TD — Escort.

Fuel level sensor or a capacitive level meter "Escort TD", is a precision measuring instrument designed to measure the level of light oil in the tanks (storage tanks). Used to account for the level of light petroleum products in the systems of measuring and controlling the amount of fuel in various capacities. Scope of the fuel level sensor - automotive, trucks and tractors, used as a measure of the level of fuel as well as in various industries to control the level of any light oil. The sensor converts the level of a digital code. Depending on the mode of the sensor passes the value of the RS-485, in the form of frequency or analog signal, as well as in the form of a periodic signal. The sensor has an output of the analog signal for connection to the needle indicator level output for alarm indication of remaining fuel.

Escort-TD Specifications

Fuel Level Sensor Escort-TD
  • Measurement error in workspace, better than 1%
  • Output resolution 0.1%
  • Measured environment: gasoline, diesel fuel
  • RS485 output, 19200 bps
  • Output frequency range 300...1323Гц
  • Output voltage range 0.1...4.9 V
  • Сопротивление выхода индикатора уровня 0...110 Ом _+ 10%
  • Уровень аварийного остатка топлива 10% _+2%
  • Power supply +(10...36)V
  • Current consumtion, >30mA.
  • Weight 0.5 кг.
  • Sensor modes
    1. RS-485
    2. Frequency
    3. Analog
    4. Periodical

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