GPS hardware

Additional Hardware

Wialon allows to use any additional sensors and accessories connected to the GPS tracker, which will transmit the data to your server. Below you can see the list of the most popular sensors widely used with Wialon.

Inventure FMS Gateway CAN BUS interfaceInventure Automotive Electronics
Fuel level sensor EFLS-AEljunga
Digital fuel level sensor EFLS-DEljunga
Fuel flow measuring device ELC-401/801Eljunga
Squarell Trailer ID systemSquarell Technology
Fuel level sensor BI FLSENSORBitrek
Level gauge PMP-118NPP SENSOR
Rev's sensor DO-12.0MicroSensor
Weighing sensor Smart ScaleSmart Scale Technologies Inc.
Squarell Driver Awareness PanelSquarell Technology
Fuel Level Sensor GL-TV34GLONASS TV
Fuel Level Sensor EpsilonRCS
Fuel Level Sensor Epsilon ES4, ES2RCS
Fuel level Sensor DUT M2MM2M Ukraine
Fuel Level Sensor Siensor D107Siensor
Remote control of machinery and equipment Escort NetEscort
Super Micro Flowmate (Oval M-III)OVAL
Fuel level sensor ItalonItalon
Alre Temperature Transmitter AFHM2A-Automatization
Outdoor temperature sensor VCP TOTP series2A-Automatization
Mining weight sensor ASKATAres-Sun
Presence passenger sensor DT 2010-20R&D Group
Squarell FMS/CANbus interfaceSquarell Technology
BITREK CAN-readerBitrek
Fuel level sensor TS Sensor UZ DUT-2.5Sensor
Fuel level sensor TS Sensor UZI-2.5Sensor
Fuel level sensor TS Sensor UZI-0.8Sensor
Cargo weighing system TS Sensor SVG-2.1Sensor
Axle Load Sensors – Technoton Gnom DDETechnoton
Cargo weighing system TS Sensor SVG-2.0Sensor
Fuel level sensor TS Sensor UZ DUT-0.8Sensor
Level gauge PMP-201NPP SENSOR
Fuel Level Sensor Siensor AF107Siensor
Fuel Flow Meters DFМTechnoton
DFM Marine fuel flow meterTechnoton
Differential fuel flow meter DFM DTechnoton
Fuel Level Sensor DUT-ETechnoton
Contactless readers CrocodileTechnoton
UDPM2015RSR&D Group
Passenger Counter Sensor "PP-01"TS Automatica
Binartec CS433-S10Binartec
iQFreezeQuarta Technologies
Binartec CS433-H10 HubBinartec
FLS "Level М1"Shtrih-m
Fuel level sensor Eurosens Dominator CANMechatronics
Fuel level sensor Eurosens Dominator RSMechatronics
RFID-reader UMKa200GLONASSsoft
Uninterruptible power supply for monitoring "UBP ST"GLONASSsoft
Fuel level sensor DUT-E GSMTechnoton
Sensor DO-14.0MicroSensor
Sensor DO-10.AMicroSensor
Fuel Level Sensor Siensor D207Siensor
Genesis Fuel Controller SensorLago Genesis
NETTRUCK Weighing SystemNew Engineering Technologies
Mobile filling station dispenserMicro Tronic
Fuel Level Sensor Omnicomm LLS 20160Omnicomm
Fuel Level Sensor OMNICOMM LLS 5Omnicomm
Fuel Level Sensor Omnicomm LLS-AF 20310Omnicomm
Fuel Level Sensor OMNICOMM LLS-Ex 5Omnicomm
Axle Load Sensor Gnom DPTechnoton
Bulk level sensor DВ-2.5Escort
Fuel Level Sensor Escort-TDEscort
Angle sensor Escort-DU-180Escort
Wireless relay ADM33Neomatica
Fuel Level Sensor OMNICOMM LLS-AF 4 Omnicomm
Fuel Level Sensor OMNICOMM LLS 4Omnicomm
Ultrasonic Fuel Level SensorTENET
Fuel level sensor Escort TD-500Escort
Fuel level sensor Tvertz 20160TVERTZ
Fuel Level Sensor Omnicomm LLS 20230Omnicomm
Onboard GTscales axle weighing and control systemGlobalTech
Wireless temperature sensor ADM31Neomatica
Wireless angle sensor ADM32 BLENeomatica
Arnavi WIFI ModuleArusnavi
CAN reader ARNAVI CANArusnavi
Fuel Level Sensor ARNAVI LS-2DFArusnavi
Fuel Level Sensor DUT-E 2BIOTechnoton
Fuel Level Sensor DUT-E S7Technoton
MasterCAN DAC converterTechnoton
CAN j1939/S6 DisplayTechnoton
Flowmeter DFM IndustrialTechnoton
Onboard displays Eurosens DisplayMechatronics
Axle load sensor Eurosens Difference 02Mechatronics
Tilt angle sensor Eurosens DegreeMechatronics
Fuel flow meter Eurosens DeltaMechatronics
Fuel flowmeter Eurosens DirectMechatronics
Wireless temperature sensor Eurosens DTS RFMechatronics
MDSM-7: Driver Fatigue Monitoring CameraMovon
MDAS-9: Vision-based Collision Warning SystemMovon
Contactless CAN reader UMKa210GLONASSsoft
Onboard vehicle weighing system ProfiloadVesy Rostova
Wireless BLE All-in-One Ultrasonic Fuel Level SensorTENET
The Escort wireless tilt sensor DU-BLEEscort
Wireless temperature and luminosity sensor ESCORT TL-BLEEscort
Fuel level sensor Mielta DYT-3404-01Mielta Technology
Total Traffic Management TTM ISA-01VOOVOO
Blue LITE ID: Identification Bluetooth Low Energy beaconELA Innovation
Single Fuel flowmeter VZO OEMAquametro Oil & Marine AG
Single Fuel flowmeter VZO classicAquametro Oil & Marine AG
Single Fuel flowmeter VZP/VZDAquametro Oil & Marine AG
Differential Fuel flowmeter DFM D/ECOAquametro Oil & Marine AG
Single Fuel flowmeter DFM 20/25 SAquametro Oil & Marine AG
Blue SLIM ID: Identification Bluetooth Low Energy beaconELA Innovation
Single flowmeter DominoAquametro Oil & Marine AG
Single Fuel flowmeter VZF IIAquametro Oil & Marine AG
Blue COIN ID: Identification Bluetooth Low Energy beaconELA Innovation
AERO ID: Identification Bluetooth Low Energy beaconELA Innovation
Blue PUCK T EN12830: temperature Bluetooth Low Energy sensor EN12830 certifiedELA Innovation
Blue PUCK ID: Identification Bluetooth Low Energy beaconELA Innovation
Blue PUCK sensorsELA Innovation
BLE-MultiSensor TESLiOT-THLD 6 in 1 (BLE-Sensor v.3)TESLA SMART
Universal Wireless Stand-alone Sensor GL-TV UniGLONASS TV
BLE-Converter TESLiOT-MultiHost (BLE-Host v.1)TESLA SMART
Universal indicator GL-TV Tab 1.3GLONASS TV
EYE BeaconTeltonika
EYE SensorTeltonika
Wi-Fi camera GEO24-CAMGeoservice
Escort wireless fuel level sensor TD-BLEEscort
Teltonika DSMTeltonika
Ultrasonic liquid level sensor Eurosens DizziMechatronics
Teltonika DashCamTeltonika
Teltonika DualCamTeltonika

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