Bulk level sensor DВ-2.5

Vendor of Bulk level sensor DB-2.5 is – Escort.

Bulk level sensor DB-2.5 allows you to monitoring of dinamics changes of hopper capacity. Also the sensor allows to control rate of seeding (fertilizer) at sowing and yield combining given the speed and the treated area. Including balk level sensor allows to get the maps distribution of yeild (seeding) within the field. It is also possible to assessa an average humidity content of the product for each hopper filling (required full-time or additional logic level switch).

DB-2.5 Specification

Bulk level sensor DB-2.5
  • Work measured (humidity contents up to 25%): grain, flour, others bulk.
  • Measurement level, 10-600 cm
  • Supply voltage, 10...36V
  • Current consumption, >30ma
  • Measurement error at a constant humidity of the product, 0.5%
  • Accurate assessment of the product humidity, 1%
  • Overall dimensions, >40х80х80 мм
  • Operating temperature, °С, -40...+50
  • Type protection from the environment: IP67
  • Output signal type:
    1. Analog: 0.5 - 4.5 V
    2. Digital: RS485, 19200 bps
    3. Frequency: 300-1323 Hz

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