Remote control of machinery and equipment Escort Net

Vendor of Escort Net is Escort.

Remote control Escort Net is system of transfer device identification number (Tag) and device is receiving data (Reader). Label device has s/c power supply (lithium Battery). The Reader receives the data from the tags within range of reception and shall submit the data for the 1-Wire or RS485.The system «Escort Net» is designed for contactless identification devices towed equipment, identification of drivers that control this technology. The flexibility to configure these devices can be used as a wireless communication channel for data transmission in areas where laying of data cables is impossible or very time-consuming installation of.

Escort Net Specifications:

  • Distance action up to 200 meters
  • Time work from s/c power supply up to 3 years
  • Output reader interface: RS485, dry contact, frequency
  • Output interface tag is missing
Remote control of machinery and equipment system Escort Net

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