Fuel level sensor TS Sensor UZ DUT-2.5

TS Sensor UZ DUT-2.5 manufacturer – TS Sensor.

The sensor is designed to measure the fuel level in the tank of a vehicle in a contactless method for GLONASS / GPS monitoring systems. Installed either in the staffing level of the hole, or a pre-drilled hole at the top. A distinctive feature of the sensor is possible to measure any liquid medium: diesel fuel, gasoline, alcohol, water and kerosene. In contrast to the capacitive sensor, the device maintains efficiency during the formation of ice on the tank bottom, the sediment. Can be used to measure the bulk material.

TS Sensor UZ DUT-2.5 Specifications

Fuel level sensor TS Sensor UZ DUT-2.5
  • Power supply, 9 ... 36 V
  • Overvoltage protection, up to 86 V
  • Reverse polarity protection, yes
  • Short circuit protection, yes
  • ADC voltage(0..1024), 0,5..8 V
  • UART to 485/232 output, 1 pcs
  • Measurement error in static mode, better than 1%
  • Measurement error in dynamic mode, better than 3%
  • Maximum fuel level, 3000 mm
  • Blind spot, 0 мм
  • Temperature range, -45...+80C

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