Fuel flow measuring device ELC-401/801

Vendor of Fuel flow measuring device ELC-401/801 is Eljunga.

Fuel level sensor EFLS-A

Fuel flow measuring device ELC-401/801 is a product created by company UAB “Eljunga” based on many years of experience. Device is protected to the maximum against damages and tampering. Case is very strong, made of anodized aluminum and stainless steel. It’s easy to install and connect it to the vehicle. Device is assembled with a filter, which protects it against contamination.

Technical data

Technical data ELC-401 ELC-801
Fuel flow sensor DN4 DN8
Accuracy +/- 1%* +/- 1%*
Operating temperature -30°C – +90°C -30°C – +90°C
Minimal flow rate 1 l/h 4 l/h
Nominal flow rate 50 l/h 135 l/h
Maximum flow rate 80 l/h 200 l/h
Pulses for 1 liter of fuel 200 80
Volume of measuring chamber 5 cm³ 12,5 cm³
Fuel scheme direct** direct**
Calibration unnecessary unnecessary
Moisture resistance IP 67 IP 67
Vibration resistance + +
Magnet resistance + +
Resistance to environmental effects + +

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