Contactless readers Crocodile

Vendor of Contactless readers Crocodile is Technoton.

Contactless data reader Crocodile allows to read vehicle operation data without interfering to network integrity. Crocodile is a contactless connector that does not damage wires.

  • CANCrocodile contactless CANbus reader gets data from automotive CAN bus (J1939/21). Safe data reading is retaining integrity of CANH and CANL wires' insulation.
  • 1708Crocodile contactless 1708bus reader gets the data from automotive J1708 bus. Safe data reading is retaining integrity of 1708A and 1708B wires' insulation.
  • NozzleCrocodile contactless reader counts quantity of control pulses of injector of petrol and gas engines. Quantity of counted pulses is proportional to the volume of consumed fuel. Data reading is occurred retaining integrity of wires' insulation.

CAN Crocodile CAN Crocodile CAN Crocodile


  • safe SAE J1939 and SAE J1708 data reading
  • no damage to network – retains integrity of wires' insulation;
  • powered from on-board automobile network 12/24 V;
  • easy to install and seal;
  • allows reinstallation;
  • no need in setting-up;
  • protects bus from incoming requests;
  • light indication modes;
  • meets EU automotive standards.

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