Wireless BLE All-in-One Ultrasonic Fuel Level Sensor

Vendor of Wireless BLE All-in-One Ultrasonic Fuel Level Sensor is TENET.

New Edge Bluetooth BLE All-in-One Ultrasonic Fuel Level sensor will use non-contact technology to detect fuel level without drilling holes. With the ultrasonic reflection feature when cross liquid to air, it can read accurate fuel level height. PPS(Phenylenesulfide) Plastic Housing, Anti-Corrosion/Strong Acid, Anti-Fire, and supports Max 300~400℃. Comes in models: UL212, UL212-E.

Features and Specification:

Ultrasonic Fuel Level Sensor

  • No Drawings/Breaking in tank, Easy Installation
  • Support any liquid: diesel, gasoline, water, etc.
  • Support any material tank: metal/aluminum/stainless steel /fiber/plastic
  • Resolution: 0.1mm
  • Accuracy: 99.5%
  • Maximum Measuring Range: 100cm (UL212), 250cm (UL212-E)
  • Lowest Detection Hight(Blind Area): 3cm
  • Maximum Tank Thickness: 8~12mm
  • Output Interface: BLE Bluetooth 5.0 +RS232(Default)/RS485+Analog(0~5V)
  • Mobile App configuration & Calibration
  • Built-in AI Algorithm to filter abnormal signal
  • Fuel Theft Alarm I/O Output
  • IP68 waterproof
  • Hardware Partners: Teltonika, Calamp, Wireless Link, Queclink, Gosafe, Jimi Concox, Meitrack, Streamax

Recommended GPS Trackers that can work with the sensor:

  • Tenet TA9-4G, TA7-4G, TA7-2G
  • Teltonika FMB640, FMB630, FMB125
  • Queclink GV200, GV200G, GV300
  • Meitrack T336, T333, MVT380, T1, MVT600, MVT800
  • Calamp LMU-2000, LMU-2100, LMU-2600, LMU-2700 Series
  • Concox Jimi GT06E, X3

You can find more information on the manufacturer's website.

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