Onboard GTscales axle weighing and control system

Vendor of Onboard GTscales axle weighing and control system is GlobalTech.

Onboard GTscales

Onboard GTscales axle weighing and control system from manufacturer for static and dynamic weighing of trucks, trailers, semi-trailers (including tanks), road trains, containers, as well as any large-sized objects, the dimensions and design features of which allow you to connect sensors measuring the pressure in the trunk / contour of pneumatic springs . The system can be installed both on truck tractors and semi-trailers for them, and on trucks and trailers for them. The system is installed on vehicles with axles from 2 to 6 and trailers with axles from 1 to 6.


  • Pinpoint accuracy on each axle group and every axle weight
  • Unlimited number of tractor-trailer combinations without additional settings and calibrations. Automatic drop and hook communication between tractor and trailer scales
  • Alarm Outputs: two, both with warning and overweight thresholds; Pin protectable
  • Transfer the data wherever you desire
  • High precision pressure sensor measures fractions of one PSI
  • Compensates for temperature and altitude change
  • Up to 3 trailer scale weights in a single heavy haul configuration will display individually on the in-cab display
  • Available on new trailers and for retrofit
  • Easy-to-use and easy-to-install for owner operators and large fleets possibility of sequential addition of new parameters and sensors to the monitoring system (fuel level sensors in the truck and trailer, etc.)

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