Universal indicator GL-TV Tab 1.3

Vendor of Universal indicator GL-TV Tab 1.3 is GLONASS TV.

Universal indicator GL-TV Tab 1.3 Uni

The GL-TV Tab 1.3 indicator is equipped with a 1.3-inch LED screen that displays the current values of wireless autonomous sensors BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) and wired digital sensors operating via the RS-485 interface. With the help of the universal indicator GL-TV Tab 1.3, it is possible to monitor in real time the following parameters: fuel level in transport tanks, tanks, fuel parks, temperature in refrigerators, tire pressure of the car and other technological parameters.

Technical data

  • Wireless sensor reading interface: BLE 4.2;
  • BLE sensor reading mode: Advertising;
  • Indicator configuration interface: Wi-Fi;
  • Wired network interface: RS-485;
  • The main protocol of work: Omnicomm binary;
  • Supply voltage, V: 7 – 36;
  • Power consumption, W: 0.3;
  • Operating temperature, C: -40...+70;
  • Length of displayed values: from -99999 to 999999;
  • Number of connected sensors, pcs: 1 – 9;
  • The maximum number of input points of the mapping table, pcs: 50;
  • Overall dimensions of the case, mm: 72x51x25;
  • Weight, grams: 60;
  • Warranty: 2 years;
  • Operating time for failure (at least), years: 5.

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