Single Fuel flowmeter VZF II

Vendor of Single Fuel flowmeter VZF II is Aquametro Oil & Marine AG.

Single Fuel flowmeter VZF II

A versatile flow meter for oil, heavy oil and many other oil-like liquids. It is used for efficient consumption measurement of heat burners and various combustion engines. A reliable solution for any application where oil is consumed.


  • Electronic counter, mass flow, volume flow indication, multiple output signals
  • Integrated temperature sensor
  • Meters with lateral internal threaded connections
  • No straight inlets or outlets required
  • Independent of viscosity and temperature
  • High vibration resistance


  • Mass flow measurements
  • Highly flexible mounting with very small space requirements
  • Reliable monitoring and flexible control of the system
  • Accurate measurements

VZF II system

  • System for direct measurement
  • Measuring range from 20 l/h up to 30000 l/h
  • Meter size DN 15 … 50mm
  • 2 Reed and 1 Analogue (4…20mA) output
  • Rough design, for max. 180°C and 40 bar
  • Accuracy 0.1%; 0.3% or standard 1%
  • Threaded or flanged

The reference for high flowrates and higher viscosities.

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