RFID-tag UMKa100

The manufacturer of RFID-tag UMKa100 is GLONASSsoft.

umka a100

UMKa100 is designed to identify stationary or moving monitoring objects. The device is used in conjunction with the RFID-reader UMKa200.

RFID tag UMKa100 is able to transmitting a identification data to a distance of up to 100 m by radio signal at a frequency of 868 MHz, processes the activity of magnetic field sensor.

The RFID-tag supports the possibility of changing the power of the transceiver, the transmission period of the data, the identification number and the subnet mark.

The device is ready for use for at least 3 years and does not imply the possibility of replacing the battery or internal components.

Technical characteristics

Characteristics Value
Frequency of radio channel 868 MHz. (LoRa, FSK)
Range (in line of sight), m 100
Power of radio transmitter max. 25 mW
Built-in accelerometer Yes
Battery life 3 years
Operating temperature, °С -20..+60
Case material ABS plastic
Ingress Protection Rating IP 65
Dimensions (with fastening), mm 60х92х34
Max weight, g


  • Long battery life.
  • Has built-in temperature sensor
  • Has "sleeping" mode with low power consumption.
  • Hight ingress protection rating
  • Dust- and waterproof case

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